Hello There + The System

I decided since I love to read and since I do so much of it, that I might as well start a blog reviewing the ones I read. If you would like me to review a certain book, or if you are an author and would like your book reviewed, please let me know <3

I shall be using the same five star rating system because I think that will be the most simply way to do things.

1 Stars – If I finished this book, I probably regret it.

2 Stars – I finished it, but I don’t have anything good to say about it.

3 Stars – This book was borderline. It wasn’t painful to read, but then it was fantastic either. Would be a good read to fill in the time, or as a break from more ‘serious’ reads.

4 Stars – This book was really good. It may have had a few things that drop it from a five star, but not enough to ruin the overall experience and I highly recommend it.

5 Stars – This book altered my soul, and I mean that in the best way. When this book finished, I felt as though I had lost a very best friend and I was devastated to have it end.

When all is said and done remember these are just my opinions and you may not share them. I shall review every book I read with complete honesty and hope to be constructive with my comments. However, if I don’t like it I probably wont sugar coat it so I apologise if the ones rated 1 or 2 stars seem less that constructive and more rant like.


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