NetGalley – Unpredictable Webs


I’m currently very excited because I got access to my first NetGalley book Unpredictable Webs by Darlene Quinn. It is also my very first reading of book that hasn’t been published yet! Unpredictable Webs doesn’t come out till the first of May. I can’t wait to to start reading it and give a review, but sadly I don’t know exactly when that will be.

A couple of hours ago I started getting a sharp pain in the back of my neck that is radiating up into my head. I get this every now and then, I don’t know what causes it, lack of water, this horrible that wave that is happening in Melbourne at the moment, or simply how I have been sitting, but if I don’t rest is completely it often gets worst. It often ends with my entire body being sore and me being unable to move for two weeks. This thing that happens make it hard for me to sit up enough to read a hard cover, but the copy of Unpredictable Webs is a  digital one and I find these hard enough to read as it is. Looking at a screen too long hurts my eyes. So, the book has to be put on hold until I can sit up and focus on what I’m actually reading. I don’t want to mark the book low because I wasn’t well and couldn’t focus. 

On the note of digital/hard copies of books, does anyone know if NetGalley only works with digital? The book said it was in hardcover format so I thought that meant I was going to me mailed the book but apparently not? I don’t know so if anyone does let me know :) And does anyone else have the issue with reading on the computer? If you do, do you have the same issue with things like Kindles?

To keep up with my reviews I’m going to slowly read some paperbacks (I’m trying to read number two in the Vampire Kisses series but its getting difficult), so hopefully I will have something up for you guys soon!


6 thoughts on “NetGalley – Unpredictable Webs

  1. yay netgalley :3 I luff getting stuff there. there’s a setting in your profile i believe where you can specify that you prefer hard copies and post your address for the publishers to send the copies to – but in my experience, most of them would rather send it digitally (cause there’s no shipping or printing costs). Like you, I have trouble reading on my computer (cause it’s far from my face and I’m blind, and I get easily distracted, but I don’t seem to have a problem with my kindle. It has adjustable contrast and even has voice software to read your books to you :3

    • I know I can put my address on there and have it visible for the world to see, but I don’t see an option to say to the authors that I would prefer it to be sent hardcopy and I feel too rude to ask. Looks like I might have to invest in a Kindle :) How bad is the voice software haha I wouldn’t read of letting my computer read for me.

      • lol it’s better than the voice software your computer comes with – the voice isn’t as irritating and it sounds more human, but it still reads somethings kind of fast – that’s sort of the downfall of those things. I do recommend kindles though, I never though I’d like them, but now that I have mine it’s permanently glued to me.

      • Damn it. I have been looking at reviews and what not on different kindles (the Kindle fire appeals to me the most) but apparently if you don’t live in the US its pretty much not going to work for most things. Well there goes that idea… *Dramatic voice* DAMN YOU WORLD!

      • I have been looking but its really rather hard to make a decision. I wish I knew people with the different kinds so that I can borrow theirs for a couple of minutes to test them out.

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