Book Review – Defending The Duchess


Title: Defending The Duchess

Author: Rachelle McCalla

Genre: Suspense, Romance

Length: 214

Rating: 3 Star


He’ll keep her safe—at any cost. Protecting the royal family is Linus Murati’s job. So when the queen’s younger sister is attacked, the devoted Lydian royal guardsman goes into action and saves her life. But this was no random occurrence. Danger has followed Julia Miller across the Atlantic from Seattle. Now Linus has two missions: to keep the maddeningly independent future duchess in his sights at all times, and to catch the culprit who threatens the woman whose trust—and love—he desires above all others.


I won this signed copy in a Goodreads first reads giveaway, and it continues on from a previous series Rachelle McCalla, something you might want to read before this one because it gets brought up quite a bit. For the most part I really rather enjoyed this book. The characters were very likeable and the story was both a good mix of forbidden romance and murder mystery, though I would never call Julia a ‘maddeningly independent’ woman. I love the idea of a strong bodyguard protecting someone from harm and sweeping them off their feet, and lets be honest, not many women don’t enjoy the idea of becoming a member of a royal family and going on exciting adventures with long gowns and hidden passages.

There were a few things that bothered me about the book though. The writing style was very simple, and the author tended to repeat herself a lot. When a question was raised, you don’t get to really think about it yourself because that question will get repeated multiple times, sometimes every two pages or so. This is to me was very distracting and frustrating. The audience isn’t silly, they can remember these very obvious questions that are rather key to the plot.

The thing that bothered me most however was the big plot twist at the end that the bad guy thought of to have everything work out in his favour. The story is pretty much Julia getting attacked cause she worked on this case were plans for a car engine were altered so that it would fail and kill people causing one company to fail and the other to buy it off, a plan set forth by the second company. Anyway, Julia and Linus and the rest of the guard were investigating this through the entire book and they know pretty much all the details of the plot. So the big bad guys plot to kill her off is to put her in said car, and have her die to the malfunction its engine has, and leave behind a typed up  ‘suicide’ note which she was to sign saying that she was the mastermind, she knew about the faults and covered them up to get money, and Julia horrified with all this before Linus saves her because she thinks everyone will believe it. To me this is just stupid, as if anyone is going to believe she typed it up then signed it instead of hand writing the suicide note, and that she had time to plot everything when the guards had her computer, there was one always with her, and they were monitoring pretty much all her phone conversations. This was a very big let down for me.

Despite this it was still enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a royal romance with a dangerous twist.

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