Im Back :D

So as those of you who read my blogs I took time off from reviewing because I needed to focus on my studies. But I have now completed my written work and am moving onto my work experience which means I have time to read again! I tell you, I was going a bit nuts, I need to read. 

So what else have I done while I have been away. I got seriously sick to the point were I couldnt move or eat or really drink anything for over a week. I saw despicable me 2 (it was awesome). I had my birthday and saw The Wolverine (it was stupid). Then it was my boyfriends birthday and we saw Now You See Me (it was enjoyable enough). Amongst all that there were some dinners out with his family and lots of homemade cakes. 

To celebrate no more written work I went and saw the band Flyleaf live. They were totally amazing. Then last night I saw P!nk live which was just out of this world. If you like P!nk, or even if you are open to going to random concerts, go to one of her shows. She really entertains. There were at least 3 songs where she didnt touch the ground at all, there were people shooting and spinning all over the place. What have you guys been up to? 

Anyway expect reviews to start coming up within the next week.

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