365 Days Later…

Birthday Cake web edit 2

Happy Anniversary to me! That’s right, a year ago today I created and posted my first book review and joined the bookblogging world. I can say that it has been awesome so far and can’t wait for what I’m sure is more awesome that this community will give me.

Im not a very large blog, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I have gained 59 followers and I love you all for the fact you are 59 people who share my love of books. And the same goes out to all the people I follow and all those I don’t even know out there in the bookblogging/vlogging community. I love you all for giving me a place to go crazy, fall in love, or become feral with emotion about fictional things and people, and for feeling those things along with me. I feel more at home with you guys than with most the people I know in person.

So I guess what Im trying to say is thank you. Thank you for giving me this place to be and for always being awesome and friendly people.

Till next time…


2 thoughts on “365 Days Later…

  1. <3 and we love you too! Haha it's hard to imagine it's been a year. I hit my first year in January (and let it run by without so much as a mention… I was being lazy) so I know how this feels for you. Getting into book blogging from the outside seems like such a difficult, mystifying thing to do, but it's turned out to be something much more wonderful than I ever thought it would be. The people I've met and the opportunities I've found have been mind-blowing. It's great to be a part of something I love and feel passionately about, and having other people get just as excited as I do. *Hugs* I'm so glad to count myself as one of your book-buddies, and I'm so proud of you for getting through this first, amazing year. Here's to another year of great books, enthusiastic friends, and even more followers for next year's celebration!

  2. Reblogged this on Author Unpublished and commented:
    Jazmin Jade celebrates the milestone as her first year as a book blogger today. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Everyone stop in and leave her a kind word of encouragement–we need more people like her who genuinely love books to make this world a better place. I can’t imagine this community without people like her. <3

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