Feral Friday – Book Length

Feral Friday

Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Book Length

In the world of books, to me anyway, there are three categories I stick my books into. Novella/Short Stories, Novels, and Epic Novels. Of course there is the standard to which one goes into based on the word count which you can google and find really easily, but this way does not include ‘epic’ as a category so I’m putting books around 800+ pages long into their own category.

While I read every single of of these types of lengths, my favourite would have to be the novel category. These can be the perfect length. Though it can be heartbreaking to have a novel end and I want them to go on forever, in reality I don’t actually want them to. It ruins them for me I have to read too much in one sum. If they want to continue, I feel they should break up the story into a number of books. Though I understand why they can’t do that with some books, but it still looses something for me if I am trapped within the same books for weeks. The novel lengths allows you to introduce the land, the characters and the story all evenly and allows the author to create a wonderful world.

Short stories have a disadvantage purely because of their size. While I like some of them, and you don’t always need to go into great detail about everything to create an awesome story, generally because they don’t really have enough time/room to create an amazing world rather than an ok one. On a purely visual note too they dont look good on my shelf. Those thin spines just look silly in amongst all my other more dominate ones. They are not pretty to me.

The length for epic novels is also an issue for me. These has LOTS of room to create the best world humanly possible. However I feel they sometimes over complicate and they become dense and possibly hard to read. Like I stated earlier I start to feel like I am trapped in the story because it just keeps on going and going and going… And they hurt to hold for too long! Though my kindle kind of solves that problem for me, I still prefer things to be displayed on my shelf.

So what do you guys think about the different lengths, do you have a preference or do you not care as long as you enjoy what you read?

Till Next Time….

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