Feral Friday – Company Closure

Feral Friday

Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Publishing Company Closure

Now I wasn’t going to do a feral Friday today because its late and I didn’t really have a topic I wanted to rant about but after I got home from work I was reading around and found something that just really wanted to make me cry. Literally. I haven’t done it yet but there will be a time when the tears come.

You see, one of my favourite manga series of all time, Vampire Knight (I’m posting reviews of it later this week), is one volume (maybe two I don’t know) from completion, its been stated and you can feel the story wrapping up. However, despite how sad that is thats not the part that upsets me. The part that upsets me is the fact that the publishing company that is responsible for releasing the covers like that I have/like and match the rest of my volumes has closed down. They closed down ONE BLOODY VOLUME AWAY FROM COMPLETION!!!!! Oh the tears. They are there. On the inside I am just dying.

My 18 other volumes look like this:


Aren’t they pretty? They are red and have things like bats on the spine and each volume has its own dust jacket. Thanks to the closer of Chuang Yi my final volume of VK is probably going to look the last book on the right. Just black and boring. No dust jacket, no little bats on the spine. Nope. Just plain black. Or it could look completely different! I don’t know which one I would prefer, the black that only matches the copy of the novella, or another red and white one that stands out from both of them. Either way I am going to cry my eyes out. WHY! Just one more volume, you just had to wait for one more volume…

My only options left are either continuously cry over this final f-up. Or I can go out and buy the entire collection again so that I have one where they all match. They are normally around $15 a volume… I don’t want to do either.

This whole closer thing has stuffed me on other mangas too but luckily the other ones I don’t own as many so if I feel the need to go out and and re-buy them all it wont completely send me bankrupt. But with VK I care the most. Its my favourite :(

This post kind of links up to the one I did on cover changes so if you want to read that as well you can check it out here.

Anyway… Thats all from me for today. I’m going to go stare at my shelf and feel sorry for myself now.

Till Next Time…

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