Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who I Loathe


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created over at Broke and the Bookish where every Tuesday, Top Ten things of anything are listed. Todays Top Ten things are:

Top Ten Characters Who I Loathe

  1. Number one spot is a combo because it is them together which I hate the most. Carla and her father from If I Should Die Before I Wake. I hate her father because he is everything that is wrong in our society today, and it was his actions that made Carla the person I hate the most.
  2. This special spot goes to Caleb from Insurgent. His actions in that book made me, and I will quote from my review here, “I wanted to ripped his eyes out and peel his skin from his body, one little bit at a time. While he was a awake and feel all this happening.”
  3. Joffrey from A Game of Thrones. I hated him more in the series, but god, do I hate this character. There was much wishing for pain and eventual death.
  4. Spot number four goes to The Inquisitor from City of Ashes. It didn’t take many encounters with this woman for the mere mention of her name to send me into a rage and feel deep seated hatred.
  5. Wanda’s own personal Seeker from The Host. Even though we find out it wasn’t the soul or seeker who we knew for most the book, but actually the human she had inside her head, but god I hated that character. She was just so damn annoying.
  6. Bill from Dead Until Dark. Such a dud that we are doomed to live with forever. So boring, no redeeming anythings.
  7. Charlie from The Last Thing I Remember. I think he is the first character I have hated this much just because he is so ‘perfect.’ God I want him to fail.
  8. Trask from The Forgotten War. How dare he mare one of my beloved characters!
  9. & 10. go to Eric and Jeanine from Divergent. They both cause so much trouble and I was so happy when they were finally dead.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who I Loathe

  1. Nice list! I had characters who make me want to slap them. I had a Divergent character, but not one of the ones you have mentioned. Caleb was infuriating though, I think he needed that moment in Allegiant to redeem himself, was annoyed that he never actually got to go through with it… I would have enjoyed that myself lol. Here’s my TTT

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