Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon – Hour 6

I am back with a little update for you all and a little challenge for this hour. I have read about 130ish pages of my second book (I should really be sleeping right now, my brain is sleepy), but I will soldier on even if I do seem to be reading kind of slowly for myself. I will have this book done by the end of the 24 hours (hopefully)!

Now the challenge which is being held over at Lisa’s World of Books so go check out the challenge page if you want to see some other peoples answers, you may find some new books to read! Also check it out if you want the full list of questions, I didn’t answer all of them here because I couldn’t/didn’t want to. Here it is:

The challenge for the hour is to share some of your best from your reading year and why.  The idea is to pick at least 3 of the categories below and share your favorites and why

Best Book of Your Reading Year

Easy one for me. Everyone should read this book. On The Jellicoe Road hands down. The characters aree beautiful and the story is sad and even though you wouldnt want much part of their life, I for one wish I was there with them because I love them so.

Best Romance Book of Your Reading Year

This is fun because I just finished reading it! The Daughter of the Forest. It was written differently that most romance books I have read, and in the end it gave me everything I wanted when it looked like it was going to leave me wanting.

Best YA Book of Your Reading Year

I feel like I am going to be following along with other peoples answers here but it has to be Divergent. I loved the characters and I love a good dystopian.

Best New Adult Book of Your Reading Year

I think this is a new adult book so I will give it to Where You’ll Find Me. Despite one huge flaw, I thought the story was nice an realistic and left me feeling pretty good about picking it up.

Best Fantasy Book of Your Reading Year

Ooo a harder one.I shall give it to The Forgotten War. If you want a book that paints imagery, is epic in length, and has kick butt female characters its for you.

Best Children’s Book of Your Reading Year

A House Without Mirrors. Its rather creepy for children of this day and age with all their overly sweet rubbish, but I loved it!

Best Main Character of Your Reading Year

Im going to Ceriana from The Forgotten War because of the stuff that happens to her. Her story made want to paint for hours it had such awesome imagery! Or anyone from On The Jellicoe Road. Really you could just put that book in for most of my answers.

Best Author of Your Reading Year

Though I have only read one of his books and it wasn’t one of my 5 star rated books, I can totally see how all his books are going to at least be that awesome and bring me emotion of some sort, be it sadness or joy. John Green.

Best Supporting Character of Your Reading Year

Im going to be a bit odd and say Church the cat from City of Bones. I just love that bit of random that is this cat thrown into the story.

Best Cover of Your Reading Year

9780141333663Though it wasnt one of my favourite books, I still thought the cover was stunning I’m still angry they changed them to the ugly things they have now. Across the Universe.

Best Story Line of Your Reading Year

I will give this to The Returned because it was about people coming back from the dead, just as they were right before they died, but they were not zombies! God I hate zombies.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed my answers thought they are brief, and I hope you found some new books!

Till Next Time…


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