Bout Of Books 10 – Day 5 Challenges + Update

Bout of Books
I finally finished a book today. Hurray!

Day 1

Pages Read: 27

Books Completed: 0 (Clearly)

Day 2

Pages Read: 43

Books Completed: Nope still nothing

Day 3

Pages Read: 11

Books Completed: No.. Im so ashamed

Day 4

Pages Read: 68

Books Completed: A Shade Of Blood by Bella Forrest

Challenge One:



Cover Scavenger Hunts are my favorite type of challenges. All the book covers we used are from reviews on the blog from April and May, so happy hunting. 

  1. Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust by Loic Dauvillier
  2. The Accidental Keyhand by Jen Swann Downey
  3. The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza by James Kochalka
  4. Fly Away by Patricia Maclachlan
  5. North of Nowhere by Liz Kessler
  6. Entwined by Heather Dixon
  7. The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier
  8. Marathon by Boaz Yakin
  9. The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown 

Challenge Two: Rainbow Of Books

Here’s your challenge: Create a stack of book spines from your bookshelf, or post pictures of the covers, that go in rainbow order. So, you start with white on the bottom, then red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (purple), violet (like a darker purple), and then black! The spine should have at least a majority be the color you are looking for, but just use your best judgement to get the rainbow-like flow.

Check out the host blog here.


So there are my answers to todays challenges! Link me yours so I can have a look.

Till Next Time…



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