Bout Of Books 10 Wrap Up

Day 1

Pages Read: 27

Books Completed: 0 (Clearly)

Day 2

Pages Read: 43

Books Completed: Nope still nothing

Day 3

Pages Read: 11

Books Completed: No.. Im so ashamed

Day 4

Pages Read: 68

Books Completed: A Shade Of Blood by Bella Forrest

Day 5

Pages Read: 86

Books Completed: Nope…

Day 6

Pages Read: 221

Books Completed: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Day 7

Pages Read: 261

Books Completed: A Castle Of Sand by Bella Forrest

Total Pages Read: 717

Books Completed:

ashadeofvampire2 shatter-me-series ashadeofvampire3



Books Unfinished:








So yeah, didn’t do as a great as I had hoped, but I did get a couple of books done! So yay. How did you guys all do? Link me!

Till Next Time…

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