AYearAThon – June


AYearAThon is a read a thon that happens each month throughout the year with different themes. You can find the goodreads group here.

I have decided since I have been meaning to pick up books by this author cause people talk about them all the time that I should at least give this months theme ago. June’s theme runs from the 2-8, and since there doesn’t seem to be a specific time in which this starts, I am starting the clock at midnight my time. This months theme is:

Rick Riordon

Since I know I have to work during this read-a-thon I’m going to keep my goals really simple and just try and read the first three (maybe four if I am super lucky) books in his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

So yes, if you are participating to let me know so we can keep track of each other and give support :)

Click on the Book Depository link in the side bar to get yourself any of these books.

Till Next Time…

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