AYearAThon – July


AYearAThon is a read a thon that happens each month throughout the year with different themes. You can find the goodreads group here.

Since the last Top Ten Tuesday made me feel like I have a serious lack of classics under my belt, I decided that I should at least give this months theme ago. July’s theme runs from the 7-13. There doesn’t seem to be a specific time in which this starts, I am starting the clock at midnight my time. This months theme is:


During the week that this read a thon is happening I get a grand total of 1 day off of work. So if you thought last months goals I set up for myself were easy this months are going to give you a laugh cause its even smaller. I know I am going to way to tired to do much reading. Work is actually going to kill me. My goals are:

JAN03 Little-Women-by-Louisa-May-Alcott








And there is my list. My list of two. I really hope I get more in than this. I probably wont update unless I get a serious chunk reading done which I don’t think will happen so just expect a wrap up blog or something.

If you are participating too link me so I can keep up on how you are doing :)

If you would like to purchase either of these books click on the thingy.



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