Bout Of Books 11.0 – Day 1 Challenges

Bout of Books


Bout Of Books Scavenger Hunt Challenge

You can take your own pictures or use images you find online. Up to you.
You can complete as many of the hunts as you like. The more you do the more chances you have to win!

1. A Book that begins with “B” (for Bout of Books!)
2. A book that has been made into a movie/tv show
3. A series you love
4. An anthology of poems or short stories
5. A book on your TBR shelf, or your full TBR shelves

This challenge has a $15 or less book of your choice prize and is open internationally. Check out the host blog.

1. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.









2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.









3. Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino.

VK-123455. The Kingdom of Little Wounds by Susann Cokal.










Playlist Challenge

Make a playlist centered around at least ONE of the books you plan on reading during the read-a-thon.

Because this is a very simple challenge, you need to have at LEAST 5 songs on your playlist. Be as specific or as vague in your selections as you wish, but have FUN with it!

Prize offered for anyone who wants to enter. For more into check out the host blog.

This challenge seems a bit weird to me. How can I make a playlist for a book I haven’t read yet which is all my BoBs reads. This would make much more sense if it was for a book you have ready read because then you know what kind of playlist it needs. Oh well! Still fun :)

I choose the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The songs are chosen cause I can relate them to the books topic.










  1. Alexx Calise – Cry
  2. A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something
  3. Christina Li – Disappear
  4. Life is Beautiful
  5. Chloe Moldovan Castledine – Don’t Forget Me

So there they are. Be sure to share your choices with me because I love to find new books and new music! I am in desperate need of music. It will also be interesting to see how people hear their books.


Till Next Time…



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