AYearAThon – November


AYearAThon is a read a thon that happens each month throughout the year with different themes. You can find the goodreads group here.

Since I haven’t done a read-a-thon in ages I am back again for another theme for the year-a-thon! November’s theme runs from the 3-9. There doesn’t seem to be a specific time in which this starts, I am starting the clock at midnight my time. This months theme is:

Fairytale Retelling

I’m out of a job, I’m out of a job! Lets gets crazy, I can actually read heaps this week since I have NOTHING else to do. Lets go baby!

glitches The Little Android








Cinder_Cover the queens army








Scarlet_Cover Cress_Cover








I am just going to add the Lunar Chronicles to my TBR right now because I have no idea what else to put on there. I will have to work it out once I have charged through this lot ;)

Share your lists if you are participating, I always like to know these things.



Till Next Time…

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