Book Review – Little Women


Title: Little Women [Little Women 1]

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Genre: Classic, Young Adult

Length: 400

Rating: 2.5 rounded down to 2 Star

Series Review: 1, 1.5, 2, 3



Rich or poor. we will keep together and be happy in one another.

Christmas won’t be the same this year for Meg. Jo, Beth, and Amy, as their father is away fighting in the Civil War, and the family has fallen on hard times. But though they may be poor, life for the four March sisters in rich with colour, as they play games, put on wild theatrical, make new friends, argue, grapple with their vices, learn from their mistakes, nurse each other through sickness and disappointments, and get into all sorts of trouble.


I think this was something I needed to read at a younger age.

I can kind of see why they make people read it in school even though I didn’t have to. The main kind of theme to this book is appreciate what you have while you have it because it might not last long or things can change quickly. It also has a kind of underlying theme of working for what you want rather than being spoilt. As I have been doing all those things for many years now, this theme was just kind of obvious to me and didn’t really hold any interest.

I suppose following the antics of the girls was enjoyable enough for a time. I kind of cared about what they were doing and I felt a bit panicy when I thought one of them was going to die. I also was hoping that their father would return safely. Jo’s and the boy next doors relationships was very entertaining to me, and Beth was a sweetie.

But thats all that really held me captive. Liking the antics of children trying to grow up can only keep you entertained for so long and I soon was counting the pages until the book ended.

The style of the writing and the dialogue also had me cringing at times. While I get that there was a theme that was trying to be brought across, the characters talked like those really bad motivational cards and it drove me nuts. Yes, I got it. Work for what you want. Learn to take care of yourself. Blah Blah Blah. No one talks like that so please stop.

Despite how bored I was with this book towards the end, I am still planning on picking up the next one because perhaps now that they are larger and closer to me being able to relate to them I will find the book more enjoyable.


Till Next Time…

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