Feral Friday – Cracked Spines SOLVED


Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Cracked Spines SOLVED

I think I may have mentioned this before in an OCD post, but I hate cracked spines, and when you get paperbacks it is just so hard to avoid them. Many of my larger and more read books have fallen victim to the cracked spine, such an ugly ugly thing to happen to the poor book. Through practice I have gotten better at paying attention to not cracking the spine but only the smaller books seem to live crack free.

Well the other day one of the booktubers I watch called booksandquills posted a wonderful video on helping to avoid cracking the spine of your book, I tried it and my book came through fine so I thought I would share this. Small disclaimer that this will probably bot solve the issue, but help it out so here you all go <3

Thats it from me today! Enjoy this neat little trick and spread the word so that people know they don’t have to crack spines.


Till Next Time…


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