February Wrap Up + March TBR


Welcome back to another wrap up. Since I have been in a slump that feels like it has been going on for ages, I got lots of reading done this month compared to how my months have been for last forever. I also moved house and it is so so pretty. So happy with where I am right now. I just need to weather to be cooler and to find a job and things will be right with the world. So here are the books I read this month:

the indigo spell The Dogs Unwanted Dreamfire










Now, I am going to participate in a March’s AYearAThon theme, so if you want to see what I am planning on reading for it that post will be going up at the same time tomorrow (Tuesday, 02/03). What I want to read outside of this I am not completely sure, so I will just give you a small list of things that I know I will be reading:

silver shadows Ruby Circle The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen v2





I hope the rest of you got a lot of reading done in the month of February and that March will be even better for you!


Till Next Time…

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