AYearAThon – March (Wrap Up)


The first day of this read-a-thon was a pretty big success I think, I read five smallish books in total. The rest of the week pretty much didn’t happen. I had a friend over and day two, I went to my mothers to try and get things done on day three which also wasted day four because things with my mother take much longer than anything ever should. On day five I finally got my desk in my new house and I had to take the opportunity to paint things. I don’t even really remember what on earth happened on day six and seven… I feel like day six might have been more productive.

So because I didn’t do anything for days and I don’t remember the last two I am not going to show you what I did each day, I am just going to show you what I read, what I started reading, and how many pages I read in total. So here we go!

Books I Read:

VA18 VA19 VA Ice blue Sin VA Fleeting Dreams





sandman-dreamhunters the-story-of-the-treasure-seekers-final quicksand pony petshop of horrors 1






petshop of horrors 2 faeries queene

Books I Started:



Total Pages Read: 1869

And that is it for this wrap up. I am really looking forward to the next theme, fantasy. I can totally get on board with that and I hope to just charge it.

If you would like to win a copy of Silver Shadows or Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead be sure to click on the links to my rafflecopter giveaways below.

Silver Shadows giveaway
Ruby Circle giveaway


Till Next Time…


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