August Wrap Up + September TBR


So the slump continues. I think its actually being caused by my lack of motivation to write reviews lately. I don’t read more because if I read more before I write a review for the last book I read my memories may become lesser and I will have a harder time writing it… I need to work this stuff out because I am so far behind my goodreads challenge because of it.

Now because I missed last months wrap up so here are the books I read in the last two months, in the order that I read them.

ashes of life saint anything





whats left of me Outlander an abundance of katherines





Now I am hoping to participate in September’s theme for the AYearAThon so I wont list things I think I will be reading in that, but there are a number of books I want to read this month:

Once-We-Were-final-hi-res EchoesOfUS_HC_Cover-2.11.14 assassin's blade crown of midnight





I am pretty confident that I can get all these books plus my read-a-thon ones this month because tafe goes on holidays then so I will have some extra time.


Till Next Time…

5 thoughts on “August Wrap Up + September TBR

  1. Same here! I’m behind on reviews so I try not to start anything new. As such, I’m just continuing with GRRM’s A Clash of Kings and some Harry Potter books because they are rereads.

  2. If you have to many reviews lined up that your not that keen or excited about reviewing you should try doing a mini review post or I’ve heard them be called Short and Sweet reviews, were you review multi books in the same post just writing a paragraph on each book. I did this last month when i had way to many books lined up and it helped so much!!
    I hope you enjoy Crown of Midnight! Is this a reread or your first time reading the ToG series???

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