Book Review – The Faerie Queene

faeries queene

Title: The Faerie Queene [Told to the Children Series]

Author: Jeanie Lang

Genre: Childrens, Fantasy

Length: 121

Rating: 3 Star 2 Star



Collection of fairy tales.


I am review this book months after I read it and I made no notes to speak of other than one sentence on goodreads, so I probably shouldn’t be reviewing it at all, but oh well. I don’t think I would have had much to say about it anyway. Sorry for the partial review!

I both liked and really didn’t like this story. I think a three star is pretty generous of me. Actually, yeah I am going to change that to a 2 star.

I really liked it in the sense that I love fairy tales. I prefer the ones about the not so nice faeries because I believe them to be tricky and generally unpleasant creatures, but I still get a good kick out of the standard happy fairy tale. There were a few of these ones in the book., If you are a child I think these would be some stories that you will find really satisfy and interesting. And as an adult I can acknowledge this, but thats where my enjoyment ended.

The stories follow a number of different characters, some of them had depth but most of them didn’t. Some of them even popped up as side characters in other stories and this greatly annoyed me because the characters were not consistent between stories. One story would end some place and then in the next story that character would be doing something completely different or before where their story ended. If you are going to have a story about a characters that involves someone’s story that ends after PUT THEM IN THE CORRECT ORDER. The actual personalities were not consistent either.

I found the writing style of the book also hard to get into. Yes I know its an old book which generally means the writing style is different to todays styles, but even on old standards I found it hard. Bits of it sped up for no reason, others dragged, and some parts, especially dialogue, just felt really forced.

Other than those things though the actual storylines where something I liked. Authentic fairytale kind of plots with knights and queens and fey.

So I would recommend this book for children. If you are an adult I don’t think you want to be reading this story at all. Don’t even read it to kids, give it to kids after they have learnt to read and let them read it themselves.


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