Feral Friday – Distractions

Hello friends! Today I am here to rant to you about my really bad procrastination habit!

Now let me take you on a journey on how my last week has been.

Over last weekend started with me actually being super productive. I had a tone of reviews I needed to write up and I nearly got all of them done, I also got a couple of videos filmed and pretty much completely edited. I was feeling bloody fantastic.

While I was doing all this writing and editing I was watching random things from youtube, as I like to do. While I work better without the TV on, I cannot work as long. I go a bit crazy. This though ended up being the downfall of my super productivity though as I discovered a series of gaming videos (yes I get a pleasure from watching others play games, its the thing I did most with my brother), and when they ended this started a deep burning desire to play said game.

So I went out and bought this still very early game with series glitches so that I can to play.

I have spent about 17 hours on in this week as well as going to work and not being home at all on Tuesday.

The fact that its glitchy means it takes me a very long time to doing anything in game, I died a lot (Im really bad at gaming guys) and this means I had to keep starting over, and so many other things just kept me in this world instead of blogging or reading.

I don’t seem to be able to play while all three of my housemates are on the computer though so perhaps the weekend will be productive for me again. I have been averaging an audio book a week lately but the latest one I am listening too is much longer than the others so I really want to at least get through a short book to keep me motivated. Perhaps I will set goals for my bad distracting gaming habit. Finish a book, get to play. Set up a week of posts, get to play. I suppose I shall see how I go.

I would like to point out that this happens with lots of things with me, not just gaming. I get obsessive super easily.

How about you guys, do you have this issue too? Or other annoying habits you know you should drop to do something more productive? Let me know!



Till Next Time…


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