Sunday Shopping – The Store of Requirement

What I missed a week? Huh? What? I don’t know what you are talking about.

For those of you who live in Brisbane you may be interested in this weeks Sunday Shopping topic. Maybe not in a good way though, because I don’t have that many great things to say about our new local Harry Potter store, The Store of Requirement.

A friend and I have had this store on our bucket list of adventures ever since it opened up. It is really safe to say that our expectations were super high as we hyped ourselves up over the course of months before we finally took to plunge and went. This may not have been the best thing in all the world, because it is after all just a themed store. Its not an attraction.

My first experience walking through the door was magical. Outside was magical and on the inside there was just stuff everywhere, but it was all set up really nicely. My first lap just looking at everything was lovely and there was so much to look at. The couches pictures in my second picture were not there on my visit and there was extra tables set up with merchandise. I loved the little back section that was was the sitting area. There were posters and letters and paintings that made me feel like I might have been sitting in one of the house rooms. If it wasn’t constantly filled with people I would have happily done a photo shoot. There was also closet room that had a really lovely set up.

My second time round I actually started to look at the prices on things. Unless you want to sell body parts on the black market, most things are wildly expensive. Granted I have never bought Harry Potter themed clothing or anything before, but god. People who have wardrobes of the stuff must be making good money or going without food for awhile. I did purchase an Ink & Wonder woodmark which is pictures for about $14, which I love. But the only reason I bought it was because I could not find it the artists website anymore. It is cheaper for people within Australia to buy directly from the actual artist rather than in this store and would suggest that everyone just goes there. I was really happy to see Ink & Wonder featured so heavily in the store. I like that they were supporting at least one local artist.

In terms of things that you could do other than buy things, you could get sorted by the sorting hat, get some sweets and have a butter beer. I chose to skip the sorting hat because I was a little worried that it would put me in a house other than Hufflepuff, but I was all about the butter beer. It was the main reason I was going there. I was so excited to finally try this drink that everyone keeps harping on about. I chose to get it without cream because I don’t like it, but I feel like the drink would have been better with it. It was very sparkling waterish. It was a mix of creaming soda, sarsaparilla and something else we couldn’t really decide on. It was bad. I drank maybe a fifth of my $7(?) drink and it made me feel sick. My friend was braver and got a bit past halfway and it killed her, she went home and just went to bed for the rest of the day because it was making her feel so sick. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I think I was thinking something thicker, not something so bubbly. We each also got a sweet, I had a brownie that was just alright and my friend had a cupcake with so much glitter on it that it was covering her for the rest of the day no matter how hard we tried to get it all off. To top off all this uncomfortableness, there wasn’t anywhere to sit to consume these things other than this one little stool outside. I didn’t feel like we could have these things in store. As I said those two big couches were not in there anymore, and all the outdoor tables were reserved for the cafes that were next door.

And that was my experience. Honestly, if I ever felt like I had money to blow and get myself some Hufflepuff gear, I would go back. Or if they get more things to do. But other than that I have no desire. I am certainly never getting another butter beer unless is looks different, and then I will try someone elses drink first.



Till Next Time. . .

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