Top Ten Tuesday – Liked Books That Won’t Re-Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created over at Broke and the Bookish, but has now been taken over by That Artsy Reader Girl where every Tuesday, Top Ten things of anything are listed. Todays Top Ten things are:

Top Ten Books I Liked But Will Never Re-Read

Oh my gosh I think I will actually be able to get 10 out of this weeks list! In no particular order here we go:

1. American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I really enjoyed this book once I got over how confusing and trippy it was in the beginning, but I never see myself reading it again. I am really enjoying the TV show too!

2. Still Alice by Lisa Genova. This one got a 5 star rating from me and I really enjoyed it but I just can’t see myself being able to sit through the cringe again. The movie is on my list of things to watch.

3. Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. This is the second book in a duology and I really liked both but the second fell a bit flat for me and the first one is an easy book to read by itself.





4. The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann. I read the book and really enjoyed it, but I read it because I loved the animated series as a child and I feel like I can leave it now knowing I liked it and just happily re-watch the series.

5. Ashes of Life by Erica Lucke Dean. Apparently I really liked this book but I don’t remember it so I probably will never pick it up again.

6. The Returned by Jason Mott. I did it for the series, so my desire for the book isn’t high even though I liked it. I don’t think I ever finished the series. . .





7. Where She Went by Gayle Forman. It ruined some of the first book for me and its fine by itself so I shan’t be doing this one again.

8. The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. I would like to think I would re-read this book and the second book in the series at some point because I love them, but then I will feel compelled to do the whole series and that is never going to happen.

9. The Silver Linings Playbook by Mathew Quick. I am really looking forward to watching the movie though.

10. Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings. This goes at the bottom because I liked it well enough and as it stands I will not re-read it. But you never know, the rest of the series may blow my mind.






Be sure to share your lists!

If you want any of the books listed please click on the thingyami below.



Till Next Time. . .

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Liked Books That Won’t Re-Read

  1. I couldn’t finish ‘You’ by Caroline Kepnes, let alone read the sequel. That first book started giving me nightmares about halfway through it and I had to put it down. It was just too real.
    I felt the same way about ‘If I stay, only I never felt like reading the sequel, it seemed very unneeded.
    My TTT: Marie @ Pages to Explore

    • I have a review for it going up sometime soon, but oh my god I know what you are talking about. I did the audiobook and it was so disturbing to listen to Joe and be inside his head.

  2. I actually liked Silver Linings Playbook SO much better than the book. It’s more of a romance than the book, and I think some people are like BLAH to that, but I thought it made it so much more interesting and something I could invest in. The book was very depressing.

    I haven’t read WHERE SHE WENT yet because I didn’t love IF I STAY as much as I thought I would :(

  3. I always kind of wanted to read Clan of the Cave Bear, it sounded really interesting and I like the prehistory aspect I guess, but I never have. Maybe I should put that on the old TBR and try to g et to it!

  4. Still Alice made my list too. Such a good book though! I think I do want to re-read American Gods again someday. Maybe. Haha. I haven’t seen the series though, but hear it is good. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  5. American Gods was like a 3 star read for me and I don’t see myself rereading it. The show is about as trippy as the book but I’ll still watch the next season haha.

  6. I have seen The Animals of Farthing Wood several times over the last couple of years and keep forgetting to add it to my tbr. I read the first three Auel books and the third one started sounding repetitive of the first two. I don’t know if the series picked up stream again after that, but a that point I didn’t much care. ☺

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