Feral Friday – Bookstagram

Hello my bookish lovelies!

This week I bring you a happy kind of feral. I always love it when things look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Be it my desk, window displays, the contents of a drawer. So imagine my utter joy when I discovered Instagram, and more specifically, bookstagram. It is literally just people arranging their books for a picture so that it is visually appealing. It was basically my life for a couple of months.

I was would spend hours looking at peoples accounts and commenting. Then I decided I wanted in on the fun and made my own account, then proceeded to spend some more hours trashing my house so I could get the perfect shot! It is a beautiful obsession.

Now I have taken a step back from bookstagram for the moment as I am trying to balance all my things together again rather than obsessing on the one thing for ages while I let all the other things collect dust from disuse. But it is still something I am very interested in and I will be adding back into my schedule very soon so anyone who is interested should check me out at ThWrittenWord. I would love to see anyone elses as well so be sure to link me in the comments! I always want more inspirational things to look at.















Till Next Time. . .


Feral Friday – Mess

Hey guys!

I don’t know how many of you are sitting there not really expecting much from be being ‘back’ in blogland as my posting schedule has been iffy at best and my physical reading slump is still going strong. But the schedule isn’t actually because of the slump lately, it all has to do with how messy I am.

Deep in my soul I am a messy person. I can be tidy, but I have to really put effort into it to actually be tidy as my natural inclination is to just be messy. I have been working on ways to try and break my habits (and I would really like some suggestions guys). For the kitchen and the dishes I clean while my food is cooking. If I am preparing something that has to sit for a bit in the oven or the stove and I don’t have to pay attention to it I clean the kitchen. I do not allow myself to leave the kitchen unless the food is done or if I have finished cleaning. I live with 3 men and none of them do the kitchen, so quite often it doesn’t get completely clean but I accomplish a large section of it. With clothing I fold it and put it away straight away or it doesn’t get done. God forbid I go away though because I never unpack the bag straight away or a make a mess picking stuff and then I have to train myself back into the habit because by then its messy and I don’t care.

These two things haven’t affected my blog productivity, its my desk mess. Being in a house with a few people, I have very little room for my art stuff or just my stationary stuff in general. I have one major desk which is mine, and one glass (bleh) which I a housemates which I use while not in use by others so I can’t really use it to help store my things. And my desk I discovered the other day is now so old that the bottoms of the drawers are falling out so I cannot use all of them! This combined with just how much stuff I have means that to put it all away everything has to be buried under everything else and when I have a ‘project’ or just anything even slightly more complicated than a single pen or pencil everything goes to hell because everything must come out for me to get the thing. It doesn’t help that I don’t feel like I should put any of it away either because of the same issue. Here is how my space looked the past couple of weeks while I have been trying to get back into the swing of things~

Who on earth could be productive in a space like that?! Like I can to a certain extent, but I don’t want to be. So I decided it was time to take control of my space. I decided against getting a new desk while I still live in this house because of money and because I am super fussy with desks and I want to make sure it works in the space and when I move I can get a better one than one I could get in this current space. I was very limited with options. I rent so all the pretty wall organisations were out, and changing location was out as well. I pretty much had to work with what I already had.

Kmart to the rescue! I marched over to kmart and about $100 later I left with two three cube bookcases, some stationary (because I can’t help myself), some containers, paper shelving, clear removable wall hooks for the side of the bookcases, and some drawer dividers. So I spent my Easter going through things and throwing away a bunch of things I didn’t want or need anymore, organising it to be more functional, and making it just visually appealing.

Now I am not completely happy with the way it is yet. The hooks I bought are too fat to work with the white pen holders you can see in the top left corner. I want those to hang because there isn’t really enough room for them to have a shelf, as I also get ready for work and do my makeup at these desks so I need that top shelf just for my mourning routine things. After saying all this though I am still really happy with how it is at the moment. It is still really cluttered yes but everything can stay where it is while I do things I don’t have to pull it all out to use the things. It will get better the more I work on it and the more I find out what I like in my desk organisation!

And thats it for today I think. Would you guys be interested in seeing more stuff kind of like this? I have recently started trying my hand at bullet journaling and when I actually do it, I really enjoy it. So I might do a few journal posts here and there.


Till Next Time. . .



Feral Friday – Distractions

Hello friends! Today I am here to rant to you about my really bad procrastination habit!

Now let me take you on a journey on how my last week has been.

Over last weekend started with me actually being super productive. I had a tone of reviews I needed to write up and I nearly got all of them done, I also got a couple of videos filmed and pretty much completely edited. I was feeling bloody fantastic.

While I was doing all this writing and editing I was watching random things from youtube, as I like to do. While I work better without the TV on, I cannot work as long. I go a bit crazy. This though ended up being the downfall of my super productivity though as I discovered a series of gaming videos (yes I get a pleasure from watching others play games, its the thing I did most with my brother), and when they ended this started a deep burning desire to play said game.

So I went out and bought this still very early game with series glitches so that I can to play.

I have spent about 17 hours on in this week as well as going to work and not being home at all on Tuesday.

The fact that its glitchy means it takes me a very long time to doing anything in game, I died a lot (Im really bad at gaming guys) and this means I had to keep starting over, and so many other things just kept me in this world instead of blogging or reading.

I don’t seem to be able to play while all three of my housemates are on the computer though so perhaps the weekend will be productive for me again. I have been averaging an audio book a week lately but the latest one I am listening too is much longer than the others so I really want to at least get through a short book to keep me motivated. Perhaps I will set goals for my bad distracting gaming habit. Finish a book, get to play. Set up a week of posts, get to play. I suppose I shall see how I go.

I would like to point out that this happens with lots of things with me, not just gaming. I get obsessive super easily.

How about you guys, do you have this issue too? Or other annoying habits you know you should drop to do something more productive? Let me know!



Till Next Time…



Feral Friday – Cracked Spines SOLVED


Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Cracked Spines SOLVED

I think I may have mentioned this before in an OCD post, but I hate cracked spines, and when you get paperbacks it is just so hard to avoid them. Many of my larger and more read books have fallen victim to the cracked spine, such an ugly ugly thing to happen to the poor book. Through practice I have gotten better at paying attention to not cracking the spine but only the smaller books seem to live crack free.

Well the other day one of the booktubers I watch called booksandquills posted a wonderful video on helping to avoid cracking the spine of your book, I tried it and my book came through fine so I thought I would share this. Small disclaimer that this will probably bot solve the issue, but help it out so here you all go <3

Thats it from me today! Enjoy this neat little trick and spread the word so that people know they don’t have to crack spines.


Till Next Time…


Feral Friday – Wishlists

Feral Friday Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:


I never said that Feral Friday had to be a bad thing did I ;) I love wishlists, even if nothing even gets bought off of them. My ones let me keep track of things that I want in general and books I need to read. But then other peoples ones let me keep track of the kind of things they want to read in the future too! I love looking through other peoples wishlists. They are so interesting. Also, having them handy is nice when I feel in a giving mood. So, here is my wishlist, filled with things I need to get and read! On My Wishlist Give me yours so I can grab a look :) Till Next Time…


Feral Friday – Company Closure

Feral Friday

Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Publishing Company Closure

Now I wasn’t going to do a feral Friday today because its late and I didn’t really have a topic I wanted to rant about but after I got home from work I was reading around and found something that just really wanted to make me cry. Literally. I haven’t done it yet but there will be a time when the tears come.

You see, one of my favourite manga series of all time, Vampire Knight (I’m posting reviews of it later this week), is one volume (maybe two I don’t know) from completion, its been stated and you can feel the story wrapping up. However, despite how sad that is thats not the part that upsets me. The part that upsets me is the fact that the publishing company that is responsible for releasing the covers like that I have/like and match the rest of my volumes has closed down. They closed down ONE BLOODY VOLUME AWAY FROM COMPLETION!!!!! Oh the tears. They are there. On the inside I am just dying.

My 18 other volumes look like this:


Aren’t they pretty? They are red and have things like bats on the spine and each volume has its own dust jacket. Thanks to the closer of Chuang Yi my final volume of VK is probably going to look the last book on the right. Just black and boring. No dust jacket, no little bats on the spine. Nope. Just plain black. Or it could look completely different! I don’t know which one I would prefer, the black that only matches the copy of the novella, or another red and white one that stands out from both of them. Either way I am going to cry my eyes out. WHY! Just one more volume, you just had to wait for one more volume…

My only options left are either continuously cry over this final f-up. Or I can go out and buy the entire collection again so that I have one where they all match. They are normally around $15 a volume… I don’t want to do either.

This whole closer thing has stuffed me on other mangas too but luckily the other ones I don’t own as many so if I feel the need to go out and and re-buy them all it wont completely send me bankrupt. But with VK I care the most. Its my favourite :(

This post kind of links up to the one I did on cover changes so if you want to read that as well you can check it out here.

Anyway… Thats all from me for today. I’m going to go stare at my shelf and feel sorry for myself now.

Till Next Time…


Feral Friday – Book Length

Feral Friday

Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Book Length

In the world of books, to me anyway, there are three categories I stick my books into. Novella/Short Stories, Novels, and Epic Novels. Of course there is the standard to which one goes into based on the word count which you can google and find really easily, but this way does not include ‘epic’ as a category so I’m putting books around 800+ pages long into their own category.

While I read every single of of these types of lengths, my favourite would have to be the novel category. These can be the perfect length. Though it can be heartbreaking to have a novel end and I want them to go on forever, in reality I don’t actually want them to. It ruins them for me I have to read too much in one sum. If they want to continue, I feel they should break up the story into a number of books. Though I understand why they can’t do that with some books, but it still looses something for me if I am trapped within the same books for weeks. The novel lengths allows you to introduce the land, the characters and the story all evenly and allows the author to create a wonderful world.

Short stories have a disadvantage purely because of their size. While I like some of them, and you don’t always need to go into great detail about everything to create an awesome story, generally because they don’t really have enough time/room to create an amazing world rather than an ok one. On a purely visual note too they dont look good on my shelf. Those thin spines just look silly in amongst all my other more dominate ones. They are not pretty to me.

The length for epic novels is also an issue for me. These has LOTS of room to create the best world humanly possible. However I feel they sometimes over complicate and they become dense and possibly hard to read. Like I stated earlier I start to feel like I am trapped in the story because it just keeps on going and going and going… And they hurt to hold for too long! Though my kindle kind of solves that problem for me, I still prefer things to be displayed on my shelf.

So what do you guys think about the different lengths, do you have a preference or do you not care as long as you enjoy what you read?

Till Next Time….


Feral Friday – Book Buying Bans

Feral Friday

Hello everyone of blogland, welcome to Feral Friday, which was started over at Book Nerds Reviews. It is a place to discuss things that make us feral with emotion! This weeks topic is:

Book Buying Bans

I don’t know for sure about the rest of you but I’m sure you all feel the same way about those words as I do. Horrible! Cursed even! Why oh why have those words entered my world?

Cause I bought too many books of course and now I must punish myself… I just don’t know how well I’m going to be able to pull this off.

So lately, especially this month I have been buying way too many books. I think I bought 12 books by like the 7th… The month had barely started.

So now I must ban myself from buying some books. Now because I will not be able to go cold turkey I have made up some rules I must follow to be able to be able to buy a few books. I’m allowed to spend $5 towards a book/s a fortnight, buy one sequel to one series or whatever a month, and for every 10 books I read (7 of which have to be on my TBR list) I’m allowed to buy whatever book I want within reason. Its going to be so difficult! Hopefully it will also help me get over this reading dull I’m having.

I don’t know if I’ll start the ban this month… I might wait until the next one… I KNOW IM TAKING THE EASY ROUTE BUT THERE ARE STILL SO MANY I MUST HAVE BEFORE I LET THIS THING TAKE HOLD! I’ll try for monday… But I don’t know if it will work.

How about you guys? Are any of you on a ban at the moment? Do they work for you? Or do they just leave you sad like I feel right now? Tell me your thoughts! I desire them.

Till Next Time…



OCD & Books Don’t Mix – Cover Changes


So we have another OCD & Books Don’t Mix. A series where I talk about things that drive me insane when it comes to book.s I am thinking of changing this segment over to Feral Friday which is hosted by Book Nerd Reviews but for now I will stick with my original title.Today we will be discussing the dreaded book cover changes!

I can probably list on one hand the number of readers I know who are ok with book cover changes, but thats it. The rest of us do not approve for the most part. Of course this topic comes in two forms:

  1. When they change the covers once all the books are out or when/if they make a movie.
  2. When they change the covers whilst the books are still being published and discontinue the first covers.

Number one is the nice one of the two. You can pick and choose your covers, some people might like the new releases better than the old ones and personally I love this when it comes to classic books because I often find the new covers to be very very pretty and it makes them feel special to me.

However I don’t like our second category at all. I even have an issue with this before I have read or bought any of the books, because when I go to buy them, I want the ones I find look the best, and I want them all to match. I think the best example I can show of this to you would have to be a series I have not read but have been dying to, Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

They originally had beautiful covers for this series, and they both came out in hardback

But before A Million Suns could be published in paperback they changed them all to this:

These cover changes are just hideous to me and I don’t want to buy them on principle. I almost thought my issues were solved when they released another cover change for the third book in the series Shades of Earth:

This cover was close enough and pretty enough to satisfy me, but then I hit another road block. It was only released In paperback, and with the cover for A Million Suns only released in hardback this solved nothing and just made me more frustrated. I had to accept that I could only have this series on my kindle so I can change the covers.

If you have found series with cover changes that drive you mad let me know below, I shall share your pain.

Till next time…


OCD & Books Don’t Mix – Book Height


I would like to point out that I don’t actually have OCD (I think), if I do it’s probably really mild stuff. This series of posts will be about observations that drive me completely insane in regards to books and writing.

I went to get books the other day and I noticed that I’m starting to develop a serious issue. All my books must be of the same height. Now this might not seem like a big issue, and at first it wasn’t for me either, but I’m starting to feel this compulsion restrain me from enjoying my reading time.

At first it started off as a simple kind of thing. All books in the same series must be of the same height. Easy enough and really understandable on the grand scheme of things. They must be pretty, matching and neat. Unfortunately for me this level of the OCD trait is aggravated by one series on my shelf, Twilight, because I was given the first two books in the series at the same time and they were both of different heights.


The first book in the series just gives me a headache everytime I look at it, but I just can’t justify finding the larger size copy to match the rest of my Stephanie Meyer books because I feel like the Twilight series is one I probably won’t love till the end of time. So that this issue never happens again I have put off buying books for ages. One of my series that is not complete is the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. It has been over a year since the final book Rapture was release and there is still an empty spot on my shelf for it. But, I spose I will continue to wait until I finally see the correct size so something like this doesn’t happen:


This poor person has THREE different book sizes for this series. Gah I think I would just die.

Then my obsession started growing more. I own the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, and this series kind of branches off and continues in a different characters perspective in the new series Bloodlines. To me, it might as well be the same series, so the height rules was applied. I didn’t want something like this to happen:


BUT, now a new issue arises for me. The first book in the new series Bloodlines was release in mid 2011 and its now the end of 2013 and I still have not seen it released in a smaller size. A general rule I have noticed with releasing books in a different size is that it normally takes about a year. Its been more than a year. Does this mean its just not going to come out in this smaller size? If so what on earth am I going to do? Do I forever deny myself of something I really want to read possibly forever because I can’t handle the different book sizes, or do I try and get over it (so not easy to do) and then possibly have to risk the fact that I might cry and have to buy them all over again if they finally release them in a different size once I bought the books?

Then the other day while looking at my shelf I noticed that It had turned into something more. Books by the same author but are in no way related to each other being a different size to one another started to freak me out. For example, there two books of mine by Kresley Cole:


They are nothing alike, Poison Princess is a young adult book and A Hunger Like No Other is one of her adult smutty slightly too rape like adult books, but the fact that I can’t put them neatly next to each other on my shelf has been giving me more and more concern. My chest kind of tightens when I think about it.

Now the fact that I feel like this makes me worry, because I can totally see myself getting more OCD and then insisting that all my books be of the same height. That would make my reading life way more complicated.

Do any of you guys out there in reader land have this issue? How bad is it for you? Or do you not care a bit? If so, how can I stop carring so much!

Till next time…