24 Years


Heres to my 24th twirl around the sun, and with that I bring you another evil bunny post to mark the day! He just gets more and more aggressive each year. Silly bunny.

In the past year I have completed my course and gotten another job after my old one fell through, but I right now I don’t feel like I have accomplished much. Starting from scratch at a new job that isn’t on the path goal to the one I really want makes me feel… icky. The work environment is not ideal either, but I hope that it gets better with time and becomes less stressful. But as of the 9th I will be starting to officially volunteer at the wildlife sanctuary that helped run my course and this will help keep my name in for job opportunities. Even if the thought of getting up at 6am to go to work there hurts me on many levels haha.

After finishing work today (writing this post ahead of time) my boyfriend is taking me out to dinner and then we have tickets to see Suicide Squad because it came out today. SO EXCITED. This movie better be as amazing as I want it to be. I was tossing up between it and the Absolutely Fabulous movie, but since I know he will not get as much enjoy from that as me so my mother and I are going to see it in gold class after I am done with the sanctuary for the day. So many good movies <3

But birthdays mean hauls and I know thats what everyone really wants ;) I don’t think I am going to be getting many books for this particular birthday, but depending on the kind of things I get I may do a birthday haul anyway. I will be doing two book hauls however for the time period that I have been away, one for books I have bought and one for books that have been sent to me by publishers. Until then however, I think thats about all I should say for this blog. I hope you guys all have a wonderful day!


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And I’m Back! + TBR

I am sorry for my very long absence. Those of you who where here for my last post might remember the last thing I was talking about was RYBSAT. While this was good in theory, getting through things on my shelf, I picked a very bad point of my shelf to read and it sent me into the longest slump since starting blogging. I read Child of the Prophecy by Juliet Marillier, and while I did enjoy the book it took me forever to get through and the thought of moving onto the next ones made me slow down… Both these things we all know we don’t want for a read-a-thon! I also finished Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon  not that long before hand and wanted to get into the next book in that series I couldn’t pick it up until after I had reviewed Dragonfly, and I had no motivation to do that in my slump. So no audio books for me either. I also find that when I have all the time in the world, I do very little because I think I have all the time in the world.

But I am starting back up again.

In the time I have been gone I have finished my tafe course, lost a job due to lack of work, and I am now training at a new job, I feel its time to start pushing myself again.

I do have some thing written and prepared to be posted if not scheduled, but I will not be giving you a list of what is to come this time like I did with my last wrap up post. I am unsure in what I order I wish to post these things yet because some of them are time sensitive. I want to do a couple of book hauls, but first I have to post some videos I have made (hehehe) and if I do both I will not have time for very many book reviews this month. So you guys should let me know what you would prefer, get the videos and hauls out of the way and then do reviews mostly next month or catch up on some reviews and do hauls next month (videos will still be this month).

I will give you guys a small TBR for this month however:

tell the truth we were liars court of thorns and roses






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Updates, Updates and More Updates!


I am sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks guys. Lots a real life stuff has been happening which has left no time for read and the writing of blogs.

I got into a new Captive Animals course which takes up half my week. Both in the sense that it keeps me busy and during that half of the week I live in the land of no internet because I stay at my mothers and she doesn’t have it.

I have also been moving over the last week (see house above). While I got most my crap out of my old house in two days, I then had to go away for school and then there was still all the cleaning to be done. I think its all done now thank god. Cleaning walls is like the biggest bitch ever.

On another note today is my birthday so there will be no Top Ten Tuesday as I don’t really have time to write one with the going to work, cleaning my room from the move, and the going out to dinner. But here is the standard bunny birthday post:


Other than that I don’t think I have much to tell you guys. Hopefully posts will resume as normal next week. Have a great day guys!


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Job, Blog, and Moving


Bah! I feel like I have been neglecting my poor blog lately. I have been missing my reading companions greatly. I know I promised that my posts would resume as normal after I returned from my holiday, and while I have been getting some posts up that mostly consist of TTT’s, that hasn’t really been the case. This last month and the next two to come have been and are going to be full on and crazy busy.

Work has been super stressful and taxing because they changed the menu from an eight item thing to fifteen, so it was all consuming and when I get home I am either a zombie or pass out. It then took a turn for the different though. On Monday I found out that my workplace’s last day of business would be the Wednesday and on Thursday would be completely packed up and gone. Boy was this a shock! While I was planning on quitting soon anyway, the suddenness of this took me by surprise because I wanted another month of work. So on the Tuesday and Wednesday everything in the store was half price and gosh was I running around like a headless chicken. In a fourish hour period we served the same amount of people that we would normally serve in a ten hour day. It was insane. Then yesterday was an angry day of packing and being pissed off with the owners one last time as they were not there to help pack and we had no idea what to do with anything.

Waking up this morning was kind of surreal, I don’t know what to do with myself now really. Getting another job is an option but it seems a bit pointless.

Its pointless because I am actually planning on moving across country over the month of December. I plan on going to Brisbane early December, buying a car, finding a house, and then coming back to Melbourne after Christmas and renting a moving truck and driving our stuff back to Brisbane. So I have been busy trying to pack and work out if hiring a removalist would be a better idea (I don’t know if we will be over or under the legal weight limit to drive it ourselves).

I suppose with the loss of job a month earlier than I planned, I am a bit broker now, but I have time to pack and try and read and work on my blog more. I am thinking about redesigning it a little and possibly changing the name to The Written Word as I am starting a booktube by the same name next year when I get settled, so keep your eyes out for that. I am not going to promise many reviews because I really should be focusing on other things. I apologise in advance for any blog silence.

If you have any comments on any new designs you see or thoughts of the name change, if its a good or bad idea or what not, be sure to let me know. I really appreciate your opinions <3


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So I Am 22

The bunny may not want to wish me a happy birthday to me but I don’t mind cause he is funny. This picture is pretty much the only reason for this post, I needed to share it.

Normally I would be feeling pretty useless with the changing of age because I haven’t felt like I was moving forward, but I don’t feel like that so far this year. I feel like I have started to move things in the right direction general life wise and I am still enjoying book blogging as much as when I started. I am going to have a quiet night with people just coming over to drink, have cake, and fail at playing video games but I am looking forward to it :)

Birthdays equals many new books on the way so yay! I should be doing a couple of book hauls soon so keep an eye out for that.

Till Next Time…


Sorry for the lack of reviews!

God I don’t even know where to start. I got so sick to the point that I couldn’t move, or stay concious for longer than 10 minutes at a time for over a week, making me fall seriously in my tafe work thusly not letting me read anything but my veterinary text book. Then before I could even make up on that lost time I developed a walnut sized lump on my hip causing shooting pain down my leg constantly and making it seriously difficult to walk, which made it really hard to focus on tafe, so making me fall even further behind. When it stopped hurting I thought that it kind of felt smaller, but then I felt the other side and I’m starting to develop another lump. Needless to say there is a trip to the doctors in my future, which if my boyfriend wasn’t practically dragging me to would never happen, doctors are at the top of my things I would rather suffer forever before I face them. With that stress, comes less focus on tafe work, and no time to read. I’m in the final month and ‘Im about 2 weeks behind that, so I highly doubt I will be putting up a review in the next month or so. I feel so bad, I have so many books sitting here that authors have sent me to read. I will get to them guys! I promise, it just wont be within the next month. I didnt even get to read my book club books this month!

The books I have waiting on my shelf are:

9781479131792 81NJh0tcJDL._SL1500_ head-over-wheels-by-january-valentine FINALHLebook everville_ebook 913uGNNZwwL._SL1500_ aSoVampire AMAZON

The Hangmans Replacement, Everville: The First Pillar, and A Shade of Vampire were sent to me by the authors when they noticed my interested on Goodreads in exchange for a review, Head Over Wheels was sent to me fresh off the press after the author contacted me asking for a review, and the rest I won on Goodreads. Deadly Lode I won 1 of 10 copies out of 671 people, The Last Falcon I won 1 of 10 copies  out of 1055 people, and Havana Lost I won 1 of 3 copies out of 517 people.


The Book Chain Exchange Idea

ImageI have been thinking about this for awhile now, and the more I think about it the more I really want it to happen.

I would like to start up a book chain exchange.

How it would work would be someone, myself for example, would post a blog stating they are looking to find a another person out there in the world to exchange books with, and we would post each other a book we have already read. The title and genre of this book can be left unknown if the giver so desires. But before we post the books we shall write on the inside of the front cover “This Book Was Read By” and we would write our own names and state and country underneath to start a column. For example I would write Jazmin Pitt-Gill VIC AU. Then once we have read the book we shall write our details down under the other persons, then find another person to exchange books with and post the book onto another person! And so the cycle continues.

To keep track of how far your original book has travelled around the world and how many people have added their names to the list, each person who is putting the book up for exchange will just repost the original blog to do so. This was the original giver can see how many times it has been exchanged :) Or you can post a picture of the names in your own blog, and share the link with the original person.

You may start more than one chain.

I dont know how well this idea will work, but I think it would be awesome to watch the list grow, and to see how many names may be already be on a book you receive. If anyone out there is interested in starting this up with me, give me a shout!


Books and Life (In the Mail #4)

Wow guys did I go on an adventure for books the other day! Actually that whole afternoon was kind of an adventure… But first I think I need to start with some back story.

So the other day my internet buddy Author Unpublished posted a blog going on about how she is apart of a book club called Vaginal Fantasy and just how truly awesome she thinks it is so I went and had a peek. I was currently apart of no book clubs and had been looking for one to join anyway so I signed up. After signing up I went and had a look at the books they have listed for this months reading and I did little mental flips of joy because I knew the author, Kresley Cole, from a book I read (and still read often) a couple of years ago. Because I enjoyed this book so much, in an erotic mythical way, I had actually been meaning to try some of her other books, so joining the club just forced me to do this finally. The books I have to read are:

cvr9781451650051_9781451650051_hr Poision Princess

And thus began my afternoon of bookshop treasure hunting. I’ll just say now that I didn’t enjoy it.

At first I thought this was going to be really easy to find these books instore because I had seen a bunch of Cole’s books at Target so that is where my journey began. I went to Target and scanned the shelves but couldnt find any of her work under C, after this it didnt take me very long to work out that their system of sorting books didn’t mean much to them because no book was in its correct place. I then found the book I already own, the only one of her books I have read, A Hunger Like No Other. I kept searching and found just one another edition to the Immortals After Dark series, but neither of the books I wanted are from that series so I left to move onto the next book. I then moved onto a store called AllBooks4Less. Have you ever been into one of those stores? Its like someone just went and gathered all the books they could find then threw them all into a giant pile, put a sign on it, and called it a bookstore. They are just horrible despite the cheapness (they only charge $5 per book). Stay away if you can, the cheap is just to get you in there but its traumatic experience once you are. In here I found yet a different book from the IAD series. This was the only Kresley Cole book I found in the store despite I pulled every book off the shelf because they had more than one layer. I then moved onto a store Hyer Discount Bookworld which had practically no books in so I gave up. Getting really annoyed by this point turned to Kmart. Not having much hope I was making my way to the section I wanted I walked past the cook book section and there on the shelf just one copy of The Poison Princess! Just the one, and clearly out of place I went searching for where it might have come from in the hopes the other would be there. When I finally found its the rest of its copy (of which there were only 3 others) in the childrens section -_- this I found a little bit disturbing if it is anything like A Hunger Like No Other… Last but not Least I moved onto the only proper bookstore in my shopping department, Robin’s Books. To the erotic section I go and there it is Shadow’s Claim! The only Cole book on the shelf. To top it off the store clerk gave me a 20% discount cause it had a little nick on the back cover. Thank you store clerk for lifting my spirits, my journey to find this book took me hours. If I didn’t think I was going to seem crazy, I would have hugged him.

The not appearing crazy thing didn’t last long though as I moved on to do tafe work at the shopping centre. As anyone who has been following my blog for awhile I am studying Animal studies (is always the reason why there is a large gap between reviews) and for part of my workbooks I had to gather information of of the back of many many animal food products (x5 cans of dog food, x5 cans of cat food, x3 dry dog food, x3 dry cat food, certain brands and supplements for animals and the list goes on…). Rather than spend hours ans hours writing it all down I took pictures. So now Im the crazy person who has been taking photos of the animal food for about an hour, and to top it all off, a coles employee then comes up to me and asks me to leave. Gah what a day. I didn’t even get all the info I need and have to go back for more -_- Right now Im having to write about the difference between the nutrients/food a cow needs normally compared to when they are getting ready to be artificially insementated, so if you have any info on that chuck it my way XD

On another note I received a few books I won off of Goodreads in the mail over the last couple of weeks. Those books are:

9781479131792 theheiresses_03_2013a


I really need to somehow find some time to read…



New Kindle Paperwhite :D

So yesterday I just took the plunge and bought myself a new Kindle Paperhite despite all the poor reviews I have read about the screen.

I have only put it down when the battery ran out. I am completely in love. I straight away went and found myself some free books on amazon, and put a book from NetGalley on there that would not work on my computer. Im afraid to put it down and touch it at the same time because I dont have a case for it yet. I bought one of the amazon cases online as soon as brought it home, and slightly regret not paying for it to get shipped sooner rather than later, but it would have been about $70 all up to do that and I couldnt bring myself to spend that much on a case.

So if anyone has any books to recommend that are super cheap/free tell me!