Reviewed & Rated

Here are a list of books I have read, reviewed and rated for this blog. They are placed under the star rating I gave them and in alphabetical order by name of the book so you can weed out the bad, and find them easily.

blue_simple_web_ui_set-20111022132014-00008“If I finished this book, I probably regret it.”

blue_simple_web_ui_set-20111022132014-00008 (1)“I finished it, but I don’t have anything good to say about it.”

blue_simple_web_ui_set-20111022132014-00008 (2)“This book was borderline. It wasn’t painful to read, but then it was fantastic either. Would be a good read to fill in the time, or as a break from more ‘serious’ reads.”

blue_simple_web_ui_set-20111022132014-00008 (3)“This book was really good. It may have had a few things that drop it from a five star, but not enough to ruin the overall experience and I highly recommend it.”

blue_simple_web_ui_set-20111022132014-00008 (4)“This book altered my soul, and I mean that in the best way. When this book finished, I felt as though I had lost a very best friend and I was devastated to have it end.”


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