Book Review – The Indigo Spell

the indigo spell

Title: The Indigo Spell [Bloodlines 3]

Author: Richelle Mead

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural

Length: 401

Rating: 3 Star

Book Series Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets–and human lives.

In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she finds herself struggling to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she meets alluring, rebellious Marcus Finch–a former Alchemist who escaped against all odds, and is now on the run. Marcus wants to teach Sydney the secrets he claims the Alchemists are hiding from her. But as he pushes her to rebel against the people who raised her, Sydney finds that breaking free is harder than she thought. There is an old and mysterious magic rooted deeply within her. And as she searches for an evil magic user targeting powerful young witches, she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood–or else she might be next.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but compared to all the other books I didn’t like this one. Out of all VA and the first two Bloodlines books this is by far the worst book of the series.

In this story we really have two plot lines happening. The main one which we have been following through the first two books, the one where they are in hiding and having to deal with the drama that goes with that, But then we are also introduced to this very random other plot happening where an evil witch comes in and Sydney has to deal with. I personally don’t understand why this plot was in the book. Yes, things need to happen with Sydney’s magic and what not but did we really need to bring in this random story that thus far has nothing to do with it. I really hope this whole story arc ends up relating somewhere down the line to the main plot point, or half this book was pretty much filler. Besides the filler, the main plot didn’t really have much development, it was just set up for things that are to come. Not at any point in this story did I ever fear for anyone’s lives.

All the characters in this story went through some development or other and I suppose that is a moving forward point. Jill didn’t really appear much in this story, and when she did she didn’t annoy me every second she was there so there has been serious development there. Jill really reminds me of Dawn from Buffy the Vampire slayer, when she popped up I hated her with a passion for ages, the thankfully she goes through some growth and the hatred goes away. I still don’t really like her, but she can join the gang I guess. Angeline seemed to take on all of the stupid that Jill lost though. Just, so so stupid. Her whole plot thing was so obvious, Sydney really needs to take some social lessons because she is just so blind to things. I am very interested in seeing how Trey’s part of the story turns out.

This next paragraph might be a bit spoilery so skip it if you have not read this book already.

Some love finally happened in this book, but it didn’t happen till the very end I didn’t find any of it satisfying. I wanted to smack Sydney so hard. The entire book is just her being in denial and just being stupid in regards to every situation she was in, love and everything else. Adrian was just a god in this story. He was stable and put up with all of Sydney’s nonsense with grace. Also the fact that Jill is the one that made Sydney stop being stupid was just the icing to the annoyed cake. I mean seriously Sydney, Jill needs to make you smarter? Did you take a stupid pill for this book?

End spoiler rant.

There we go everyone. I know it sounds like I didn’t like this book but it did have points that I liked, not to mention the characters feel like family at this point. My review is just very ranty because as stated above, this book just fell short for me compared to the rest of them. Luckily for you if you have gotten this far in the series the characters are family to you too and you will enjoy the book enough because of that even if all the things I mentioned annoy you too.


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Book Review – The Lifeboat

the lifeboat

Title: The Lifeboat

Author: Charlotte Rogan

Genre: Adult, Historical Fiction

Length: 337

Rating: 3.5 Star rounded down to 3



Grace Winter, 22, is both a newlywed and a widow. She is also on trial for her life.

In the summer of 1914, the elegant ocean liner carrying her and her husband Henry across the Atlantic suffers a mysterious explosion. Setting aside his own safety, Henry secures Grace a place in a lifeboat, which the survivors quickly realize is over capacity. For any to live, some must die.

As the castaways battle the elements, and each other, Grace recollects the unorthodox way she and Henry met, and the new life of privilege she thought she’d found. Will she pay any price to keep it?


“Almost unbearably exciting – you’ll gulp it down in a single sitting.” – Kate Saunders, The Times

I went into this book with great expectations. The idea of people plotting the death of each other while they sit next to them plus that blurb had me seriously thinking of a fast pace evil kind of story.

This isn’t what I got.

While it was a seriously solid story, it was really really slow. The people in the boat are stuck out at sea for three weeks. Three. We get a recap of pretty much everyday and sometimes the night as well. By day five part of me was wishing the boat would sink. There were interesting bits within the story and there was plotting a death, but I found that the book was more about Grace’s thoughts on the human condition and what being in this situation was doing to everyone. Not the actual plotting. While these thoughts are interesting, I didn’t need two weeks of them (luckily they pretty much skip the third week).

The structure of this book was pretty good up until the end where I don’t know how I felt about it. At the end of week two the boat story breaks off and goes into a few chapters on how it all plays out for Grace in court. Once this is over, we then go back and experience the rescue, then we go back to how her life turned out after the boat. While this structure thing isn’t a huge issue, I don’t understand why it was done. I found it a bit disorientating to the story. I cared more about how they all get saved than if she was going to go to jail or not.

One thing I think fell really short with the story was the characters. I felt no connection to any of them. The parts of the story and the characters I was most interested in were parts I was never going to get any answers to. I really wanted to know more about Henry, how he got Grace on the boat, and all that drama with the ships communication device and Blake and Hardie. Henry mostly though, I thought he sounded pretty interesting.

So yes, the story while interesting in the sense that it was good to see how people freak out in those situations, it dragged on for me and left out a bunch of questions unanswered. If you are interested in slow paced historical fiction with a little bit of drama, give it a go, but if not perhaps give it a miss. I fell asleep reading it a couple of times.


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Book Reviews – Of Scars And Stardust


Title: Of Scars And Stardust

Author: Andrea Hannah

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery

Length: 336

Rating: 3.5 rounded down to 3 Star



After her little sister mysteriously vanishes, seventeen-year-old Claire Graham has a choice to make: stay snug in her little corner of Manhattan with her dropout boyfriend, or go back to Ohio to face the hometown tragedy she’s been dying to leave behind.

But the memories of that night still haunt her in the city, and as hard as she tries to forget what her psychiatrist calls her “delusions,” Claire can’t seem to escape the wolf’s eyes or the blood-speckled snow. Delusion or reality, Claire knows she has to hold true to the most important promise she’s ever made: to keep Ella safe. She must return to her sleepy hometown in order to find Ella and keep her hallucinations at bay before they strike again. But time is quickly running out, and as Ella’s trail grows fainter, the wolves are becoming startlingly real.

Now Claire must deal with her attraction to Grant, the soft-spoken boy from her past that may hold the secret to solving her sister’s disappearance, while following the clues that Ella left for only her to find. Through a series of cryptic diary entries, Claire must unlock the keys to Ella’s past—and her own—in order to stop another tragedy in the making, while realizing that not all things that are lost are meant to be found.


I was lucky enough to receive this book early from the publishers via NetGalley for an honest review.

Just a word of warning, need to talk about this book in detail so if you don’t want to be spoilt, go read it and then come back. PLEASE GO READ IT AND COME BACK! I need people to talk about this book with me. I need thoughts, because I am so so so confused.

Before I run off on a rant about the plot lets discuss the characters. I thought they were all well written and were not just random people you meet, they all serve a purpose. I did hate some though but that was on purpose I think. I despised Rae, and I hated her parents though by the end I didn’t hate them so much because more things made sense. I thought Claire was a developed character and the little side story of her and Grants love was just adorable. I loved Grant, I don’t know if I would date him but he was so what she needed.

Now onto the part that I actually want to talk about. The plot.

The first half of this book makes nearly complete sense if we exclude the obvious mystery of where on earth did Ella go and what on earth is with these wolves. Are they real? Or are they a representation of something darker? If we move past those things the events in this book make complete sense and are kind of logical. The more we read though the less things kind of make sense. The first half of this book was just amazing, I would give it a 4 star easy. But the further on we go the more confused Claire gets and so the more confused I got.

I hated Claire’s parents for sending her away and then never contacting her or inviting her home to see her sister recover and let her get some kind of closure of this stuff. But then we find out that she was actually the main suspect in her sisters accident and we work out that they actually sent her away for both sisters safety. Ella from Claire and Claire from getting put in the local loony bin. We also get multiple things that tell us that Ella left because she didn’t feel safe, not that she was taken by ‘wolves.’ Ella was (supposedly) running away from her dad because he is totally bonkers and killed someone. I didn’t see that coming at all! How that whole thing developed in the story was weird. Claire went from having a fear of him to partnering up with him pretty damn quick.

Then there is the whole reveal at the end that the wolves were all in her head, and she is kissing a tree that she thinks is Grant. WHAT?! Its this event that makes me question everything. Just before she was telling us how he was secretly calling her despite the no contact order his family put on her and then she thinks he showed up and it was actually a tree. Was he actually contacting her? Was the supposed letter that Ella had sent her saying she was coming to visit actually real? Is Ella even still bloody alive? Who the hell was setting everyone’s houses on fire and was the writing on their home really there?

The final ‘attack’ from the wolves we know was actually Claire being arrested. This puts the last moments between her and Grant  in a whole new light. Right before they run away from the hospital he asks Claire to promise to try and make sure that nothing happens to them before they leave Amble. Claire thinks this is all about wolves so she goes along with it, but with this ending information it brings it into a new light. He knew it was Claire who hurt him but she didn’t mean to and he was basically asker her not to have another episode before they left. But then we get questions like if Claire was supposedly talking to someone when he was injured, what the hell happened? Did that party even actually happen? Was their relationship even the way it seems AT ALL? All things I thought I knew are now opened for questioning.

This open ending is not really how I like my books which is what bumped it down to a 3 star to me. I was really really into the book before it gave me an ending that didn’t answer anything and make be question everything I had just read. I would suggest that if you like contemporary mysteries that you should read this book. If you have read this book already please for the love of god give me your thoughts. I really wish that I didn’t need to have this post up so soon after finishing it because I feel like I need to think about it again and again.

Share your thoughts!!!! I am sorry that this review doesn’t really make much sense, but it still doesn’t make sense to me.


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Book Review – The Last Olympian

the-last-olympian (1)

Title: The Last Olympian [Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5]

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Mythology

Length: 381

Rating: 5 Star

Series Review: 12, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5



All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of a victory are grim. Kronos’s army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood he recruits, the evil Titan’s power only grows.

While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it’s up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time.

In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-selling series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy’s sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.


This was just such an awesome way to end a truly good series.

The gods have left Olympus to try and stop Typhon, Percy’s fathers world is all but shattered, and Kronos and the Titons move to attack Olympus while the gods are distracted. Percy must come to understand how Luke was able to host the body of Kronos without being destroyed with the help of Nico in order to stand a chance against the time lord and protect his home and the home of the gods.

This review will probably be filled with spoilers, so if you don’t want any I suggest you just take my word that it was awesome and read and then move onto another review.

From page one pretty much this book starts off with a bang and doesn’t really stop until the end. This book is filled with everything and everyone plus a few knew things and people to add to the drama.

When you go into a series like this, I at least, expect the happy ending. I was pleasantly surprised about how our happy ending came about though. We has this prophecy shoved in our face the entire series and even though we know those prophecies can be tricky Riordan still found a way to end everything neatly and gives us a few touching and also a little bit saddening surprises as to how it was all going to come about. I think we all knew that Luke was going to die, but he sacrificed himself for everyone else and I so respected him for that. Annabeth FINALLY accepted that he couldn’t be saved but I know that was so hard for her.

One way our hero’s get help is Annabeth (I think it was Annabeth anyway I should have taken notes!) after reading work and plans that Daedalus had given her she works out that all the statues in the city could be made to come alive and be given an objective like “Wake the other statues” or “Kill the enemy” was really really interesting. I would love to see that happen in a movie. I also loved Grovers new found Wild powers that he gained from Pan. He has a lot of issues ahead of him trying to get nature more of place in the world but I believe in him! Poseidon really was not kidding about how a sand dollar could be useful if Percy could work out how to spend it. That was an awesome scene.

I loved that Percy and Annabeth finally got together. Their underwater kiss was just so adorable.

When we found out the poor Oracle’s, you know the mummy in the attic, back story I felt so so so so so bad for her. Just so devastated her. She really must have suffered all those long years. Though I kind of think its a bit creepy that Rachel became the Oracle I am so happy that she did because it gave that other poor girl and chance to finally rest. Also, it took her out of the running to be with Percy.

When Percy saves the day the Gods grant him a wish (or two really) for all he had done. He thankfully turned down the offer of immortality (I was freaking out a second when I thought he might accept!) but he makes the god accept all their half blood children and give EVERY god’s child a cabin at camp half-blood if they wished to be there. This made me so happy for children like Nico and for the minor gods like Hestia who normally just got over looked because they were not important enough or because they didn’t ‘fit’ right with the rest.

I would more than willing pick this series up again. There was start up for the next series which I am so looking forward to reading as well! Everyone should at least read this part of the series. I don’t think I have a single bad thing to say about this book. Read. It.


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Book Review – The Battle of the Labyrinth

battle of the labyrinth

Title: The Battle of the Labyrinth [Percy Jackson and the Olympians 4]

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Mythology

Length: 368

Rating: 4 Star

Series Review: 12, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5



Percy Jackson isn’t expecting freshman orientation to be any fun. But when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears on campus, followed by demon cheerleaders, things quickly move from bad to worse.
In this fourth installment of the blockbuster series, time is running out as war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near. Even the safe haven of Camp Half-Blood grows more vulnerable by the minute as Kronos’s army prepares to invade its once impenetrable borders. To stop the invasion, Percy and his demigod friends must set out on a quest through the Labyrinth – a sprawling underground world with stunning surprises at every turn.


This is my favourite one so far I think.

Kronos is close to rising, the big bad Titans are an ever looming threat. Many think that camp half-blood is a safe place to be when all hell breaks loose. But we find out that isn’t the case. Luke plans to invade the camp and destroy all those who could potentially stop his plans of rising Kronos and destroying Olympus by using the mythical Labyrinth to enter camp inside its shield.

Of course they find the entrance that Luke plans on using, but Luke and his army have a head start, they have already started exploring and trying to work out ways to get through the ever changing maze with traps and monsters down every end and around every corner. They must find Daedalus’ workshop in the hopes of destroying the maze and killing Luke’s entrance to the camp.

I have always loved story about the Labyrinth and I loved every moment of this one. The pressure of things happening grows and grows as Percy does, coming ever closer to the age when he is supposed to the something to make or break the world they know. Everyone’s storyline in this book is interesting. We get Tyson back, Nico is one of the most fascinating creatures ever, Grover’s head is spinning after having heard Pan speak to him, we get more human interaction with our new character Rachel Dare, and poor Annabeth and Percy go through their struggles. Annabeth leads this quest and I was so happy about that, it was just so worthy of her.

*SPOILER* – I was so so so sad for poor Grover when he finally meets Pan. Heck, I was emotionally destroyed about the encounter too. Grover and his kind have been looking for their lord of the wild for as long as forever, and Grover finally finds him and talks to him, then he goes and dies. It killed me cause he was the wilderness, I mourn the loss of that sense or nature and just natural beauty that there is no way of getting back. – *END SPOILER*

Because this book is more serious than the last, and I suspect that the last one will be the most serious, that doesn’t mean that we don’t get the same witty and joyous comments and writing. Actually, the only comments I actually made about this book (such a bad habit to fall into when you plan on reviewing things) were some highlights of lines that I found so wonderful.

“It’s not a date!” I protest. “It’s just Annabeth, Mom. Jeez!”

“She’s coming all the way from camp to meet you.”

“Well, yeah.”

“You’re going to the movies.”


“Just the two of you.”


and then I also highlight:

“I am Poseidon.”

“Poseidon? That’s an interesting name.”

“Yes, I like it. I’ve gone by other names, but I do prefer Poseidon.”

“Like the god of the sea.”

“Very much like that. yes.”

The ending of this book made me very happy for Percy.

If you haven’t started reading this serious yet I really don’t know what to say to you. Do I need more words? I found the series started off slow but the more I read the more I love. Don’t disregard cause of the ‘middle grade’ label. Go forth and read!


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Book Review – The Titan’s Curse


Title: The Titan’s Curse [Percy Jackson and the Olympians 3]

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Mythology

Length: 320

Rating: 4 Star

Series Review: 12, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5




But when you’re the son of a Greek god, it happens. And now my friend Annabeth is missing, a goddess is in chains and only five half-blood heroes can join the quest to defeat the doomsday monster.

Oh, and guess what? The Oracle has predicted that not all of us will survive…


Wow. I am getting so into this series.

With each book I find that someone else is in trouble and it highlights different characters in the series. In this one Annabeth and Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon are missing and are in grave danger. Percy and his new group of people must go and save them in a very short amount of time. Zoe, second in command of Artemis’ Huntresses who is just awesome, Thalia daughter of Zues, and new demi god Bianca di Angelo are the ones to go along. We meet Bianca and her brother Nico at the beginning of the book when they get rescued.

The characters are just as likeable in this book but I actually felt more of connection to them this time. Though I get why some people don’t want to believe that Luke is a bad guy and I can feel for them for that, I kind of want to slap them and tell the to wake up and smell the Kronos. That being said I think Percy comes off as a butt head with his hatred of Luke, which is also understandable what with all the attempts at murder and all.

This is kind of spoilery so if you don’t want to risk it move onto the next paragraph. Thalia’s choice at the end of the book really annoyed me. She was so sure of herself like the whole book and then her choice just seemed like a bit of a cop out because she didn’t want that responsibility. Also, even though I guessed who Bianca and Nico’s godly parent was earlier, I didn’t care. I was so bloody excited to be proven right. Very big YAY moment. Things are about the get really interesting.

And people actually died in this one! I really didn’t think it was ever going to happen but it did, and it happened to probably one of the worst (in the sense that their death could cause serious issues) people. I was freaking out. There was also a death that didn’t have such issues, it was just sad. As if I needed a reason to like the stars more.

The ending of this book. Oh my gods the ending. The more we go into the series the more the plot quickens and thickens it just gets so much better.

If you even remotely liked the first two books I suggest that you read this one. They really do get better and who wouldn’t like the writing style?


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Book Review – The Sea of Monsters


Title: The Sea of Monsters [Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2]

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Mythology

Length: 288

Rating: 3.5 rounded up to 4 Star

Series Review: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5



The heroic son of Poseidon makes an action-packed comeback in the second must-read installment of Rick Riordan’s amazing young readers series. Starring Percy Jackson, a “half blood” whose mother is human and whose father is the God of the Sea, Riordan’s series combines cliffhanger adventure and Greek mythology lessons that results in true page-turners that get better with each installment. In this episode, The Sea of Monsters, Percy sets out to retrieve the Golden Fleece before his summer camp is destroyed, surpassing the first book’s drama and setting the stage for more thrills to come.


I didn’t like this one quite as much as the first one.

I think a main reason for this is that Clarisse became a main character. I do not like her. At all. Having to read so much about her greatly annoyed me. I was plotting her death with each page. We did get some new characters though. Percy gets a brother who I think is kind of adorable. Percy kind of didn’t like him at first but he got over it. We also got more info about some of the gods and I have come to really like Hermes.

“It doesn’t matter if they hate you, or embarrass you, or simply don’t appreciate your genius for inventing the internet-”
“You invented the internet?”
It was my idea, Martha said.
Rats are delicious, George said.
“It was my idea!” Hermes said. “I mean the internet, not the rats. But that’s not the point.”

In this book I started to feel more attached to the characters. Riordan is beginning to really weave a good story with characters I can feel all the heart they have and the ideals they try to uphold.

I found this book more realistic than the last one since Percy is older here. He is in danger constantly and goes through so much but he doesn’t even freak out or really get hurt ever. I found this hard to consume in the first one cause he was only 14, but I think its more “realistic” when he is 15. The style of the writing is still the same way I liked it, both series but takes a moment to mention the ridiculous things that can happen along the way.

This story in terms of plot moved ahead nicely and actually threw me a curve ball at the end which I didn’t see coming, so I really enjoyed that. In this one Grover gets captured by a Cyclops and Thalia’s Tree is sick and the only thing that can help it and protect Camp Half-Blood is to find the magical Golden Fleece. Luckily for our heroes, they are both at the same place so they race off to go get them before the tree dies and before Grover is forced to marry the Cyclops! My favourite part about this adventure was that the Fleece was guarded by man eating sheep. I picture that in my head and its just so spastic.

So yeah, good enough to keep me going onto the next books in the series. The ending really has me hooked!

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Book Review – The Lightening Thief


Title: The Lightening Thief [Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1]

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Mythology

Length: 377

Rating: 3.5 rounded up to 4 Star

Series Review: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5



Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of boarding school… again. And that’s the least of his troubles. Lately, mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking straight out of the pages of Percy’s Greek mythology textbook and into his life. And worse, he’s angered a few of them. Zeus’ master lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect.

Now Percy and his friends have just ten days to find and return Zeus’ stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus. But to succeed on his quest, Percy will have to do more than catch the true thief: he must come to terms with the father who abandoned him; solve the riddle of the Oracle, which warns him of betrayal by a friend; and unravel a treachery more powerful than the gods themselves.


Liked this book more than I thought I would.

I fell in love with the writing style of this book so quickly. Its a really easy read and simple to follow along with. Some of the phrases that happen are just so awesome, I highlighted a number of them as I was reading along. One of my favourites is:

I had become one with the plumbing.

And of course:

“…For I am the might Echidna!”

I stared at her. All I could think to say was “Isn’t that some kind of anteater?”

She howled, her reptilian face turning brown and green with rage. “I hate it when people say that! I hate Australia! Naming that ridiculous animal after me…”

I got a good giggle from that one since I am from Aus and Echidna’s are adorable.

All of that being said though I did have my issues with the writing. I had to keep reminding myself just how old these kids were suppose to be. Perhaps its because I don’t spend a lot of time with younger people, but they all seemed to be acting way older than they should have been to me. I will chalk some of this up to the fact they are part god and most have had really dodgy lives, but still. I also worked out things and saw them coming a bit too easily. But I suppose I can forgive this since its middle grade. I am really not used to reading middle grade.

I didn’t feel very attached to any of the characters. I both liked and didn’t like the way the gods were represented in a modernised kind of way. I think it touched a little too close to home for me since my beliefs run along those lines. However, I did find the fact that they kind of followed where ever western society was most thriving at the time in amongst mortals kind of thing an interesting thought, even if I wasn’t fully on board with it. So in this book of course it was in America.

So yes, I enjoyed this book well enough I just think I have to get used to reading more middle grade books so I know what to kind of expect from the depth of the story. I would suggest this book to pretty much anyone who likes fantasy, I think it looks like a series that at least deserves a chance.

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