Book Review – Foretold


Title: Foretold

Author: Carrie Ryan and more.

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Short Story, Young Adult

Length: 351

Rating: 3.7 Star average (rounded up to 4)

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Richelle Mead, Lisa McMann, Michael Grant, Meg Cabot, Laini Taylor, and nine more of the hottest YA authors to hit the shelves explore the concepts of prophecy and prediction in this story collection edited by NYT best selling author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan.

Have you ever been tempted to look into the future? To challenge predictions? To question fate? It’s human nature to wonder about life’s twists and turns. But is the future already written—or do you have the power to alter it?

From fantastical prophecies to predictions of how the future will transpire, Foretold is a collection of stories about our universal fascination with life’s unknowns and of what is yet to come as interpreted by 14 of young adult fiction’s brightest stars.


Gentlemen Send Phantoms by Laini Taylor – 4 Star

Girls summoning the phantoms of their true love. This was a very very cute and simple love story. I would Read this story again easily.

Burned Bright by Diana Peterfreund – 1 Star

Cult and religion story playing with the end of the world. I am not into reading overly religious stories so this very cult like story didn’t appeal to me whats so ever. Done of these people has minds of their own and it was very frustrating.

The Angriest Man by Lisa McMann – 4 Star

About a boy born dead but stung alive by a bee that was connected to the angriest man. He becomes an angry boy who growls. It was a very interesting story and I was a bit sad it ended.

Out Of The Blue by Meg Cabot – 3.5 Star

About Aliens and Twins. The idea behind this story was interesting and I lied the characters a lot considering it was a short story. I don’t normally liked stories about aliens so it was a nice surprise.

One True Love by Malinda Lo – 4 Star

Royal Lesbian Romance. Liked it all and got caught up in the characters story. It was a very classic kind of fairy tale.

This Is A Mortal Wound by Michael Grant – 5 Star

Old school vs new school. Literally, it was about how schools are run. I loved this story because it was totally believable cause I could see things like that happening. Things are already kind of heading that way. I hated the idea of chips though.

Misery by Heather Brewer – 5 Star

A town that is like watching a black and while movie. Everything is in grey. Totally loved the idea of this town that is in an inbetween kind of life and death and the only thing that is in colour is their eyes. I link this to them being the window to the soul, and deep inside their souls are more alive than the life they live.

The Mind Is A Powerful Thing by Matt De La Pena – 4.5 Star

About a crazy girl. It was depressingly good. She was messed up so she did messed up things.

The Chosen One by Saundra Mitchell – 5 Star

Princess goes on a quest for her sister. Was a lovely little stor of adventure and love. The characters were great and had well developed personalities.

Improbable Futures by Kami Garcia – 3 Star

Girl who is a gypsy at a carnival. The ending was not satisfying enough for me. It had an interesting concept but I think something like this would have had a better chance to really capture the audience if it was longer.

Death For The Deathless by Margaret Stohl – 2 Star

Love and fortune telling story. I feel like I need to read this story again. It could have been interesting but I feel like I missed it. Nothing happened.

Fate by Simone Elkeles – 4 Star

Cute standard love story. This story made me smile. The girl was an adorable character, the boy was standard but it was still very enjoyable.

The Killing Garden by Carrie Ryan – 5 Star

Professional death racer. Loved this story. The idea of an executioner racing people to decide their fate is really cool. The idea of the of a new executioner coming from the same family and having to challenge the current one and the lord deciding if they can spare the looser or not is also very interesting. I want more of these people and this land.

Homecoming by Richelle Mead – 3 Star

Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy return to Dimitri’s home to see his family. This whole story was a bit pointless really. It goes off on a random Strigori hunt and doesn’t focus much on the actually homecoming which is what I wanted from the story so I was very disappointed. I also felt that maybe the character’s personality was a bit off at times, but I was still very happy to get a taste of one of my favourite series again.

Overall Book

Though there were sections in this book that I really hated, I did enjoy the overall of the book. I almost wished I didn’t like certain ones in the book cause it saddens me that there isn’t more of them! If I read this again I will definitely will be skipping sections if I do.