OCD & Books Don’t Mix – Cover Changes


So we have another OCD & Books Don’t Mix. A series where I talk about things that drive me insane when it comes to book.s I am thinking of changing this segment over to Feral Friday which is hosted by Book Nerd Reviews but for now I will stick with my original title.Today we will be discussing the dreaded book cover changes!

I can probably list on one hand the number of readers I know who are ok with book cover changes, but thats it. The rest of us do not approve for the most part. Of course this topic comes in two forms:

  1. When they change the covers once all the books are out or when/if they make a movie.
  2. When they change the covers whilst the books are still being published and discontinue the first covers.

Number one is the nice one of the two. You can pick and choose your covers, some people might like the new releases better than the old ones and personally I love this when it comes to classic books because I often find the new covers to be very very pretty and it makes them feel special to me.

However I don’t like our second category at all. I even have an issue with this before I have read or bought any of the books, because when I go to buy them, I want the ones I find look the best, and I want them all to match. I think the best example I can show of this to you would have to be a series I have not read but have been dying to, Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

They originally had beautiful covers for this series, and they both came out in hardback

But before A Million Suns could be published in paperback they changed them all to this:

These cover changes are just hideous to me and I don’t want to buy them on principle. I almost thought my issues were solved when they released another cover change for the third book in the series Shades of Earth:

This cover was close enough and pretty enough to satisfy me, but then I hit another road block. It was only released In paperback, and with the cover for A Million Suns only released in hardback this solved nothing and just made me more frustrated. I had to accept that I could only have this series on my kindle so I can change the covers.

If you have found series with cover changes that drive you mad let me know below, I shall share your pain.

Till next time…