Book Review – Scared of Santa


Title: Scared of Santa

Author: Denise Joyce and Nancy Watkins

Genre: Humour

Length: 288

Rating: 5 Star


“He’s huge and hairy and hulking.
He dresses in strange furry clothing.
He sneaks into people’s homes at night.
Who wouldn’t be afraid of . . . Santa Claus ?!?”

Nothing says Christmas quite like innocent children shrieking with terror as a stranger dressed in red drags them kicking and screaming onto his lap. Now this time-honored rite of passage is celebrated with a hilarious collection of more than two hundred and fifty priceless photos of kids’ traumatic trips to Santa’s workshop. “Scared of Santa” offers a cornucopia of photographic funnies–from sixty-year-old family heirlooms to last year’s howlers–along with delightful commentary on those unforgettable childhood visits to scary ol’ Saint Nick.


Happy holidays everyone of wordpressland! I hope you are enjoying the season and are getting lots of tasty food or something as equally enjoyable. In honour of the time of the year I thought I would review a easy and humorous book.

There isn’t really all that much to say about this book other than the fact that I completely love it. I really think that it is the best money I have spent this year.

The idea for this book is pretty simple. Its mostly just pictures of scared children sitting on Santa’s lap. You also get some pet pictures in there as well, but its the truly horrified once that are the best best. Members of my family think I’m a little bi sick for liking such a book where suffering children is the centre piece but I don’t care. It brings joy to my heart.

If you have a sense of humour or know someone who does I would pick this book up for yourself or as a gift.