The Last Couple of Weeks

For the last couple of weeks I have been visiting the family in the land with no internet. You would this would be the perfect time to get some serious reading done, this is what I thought too. Then Centrelink decided to ruin that plan.

Anyone in Australia will probably know about centrelink, and you will know just how they like to make your life a living hell. Well thats what they did to me. After telling me one thing which made me decide that I could drop out of uni and do a different tafe course with no hassle from them, they then change their minds about the whole thing. This resulted in me having to cram my 10-15 month course into 6 months. Safe to say Im behind now. So instead of reading novels, I have been reading this instead:¬†Image¬†Though its interesting, I can only focus on the same subject matter for so long before I just can’t look at it anymore. Im attempting to get it all done this weekend so hopefully I can start doing reviews again on Monday!

Im home again now, and though I enjoyed spending time with my family going to theme parks and just hanging out inbetween doing work, Im glad to be back. I missed my own bed and my kitten and my boyfriend quite a bit. I hope you all had a good easter holiday as well :)