Top Ten Tuesday – Spooky Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created over at Broke and the Bookish, but has now been taken over by That Artsy Reader Girl where every Tuesday, Top Ten things of anything are listed. Todays Top Ten things are:

Top Ten Spooky Reads

This weeks theme was actually a Halloween freebie. I both love and hate freebies. When I have an amazing idea for it its great but when my mind goes blank as to what to do it makes a hard list harder haha. So this week I am going to talk about the top 5 spooky books I have read, and the top 5 spooky books I want to read.

 Top 5 Spooky Books I Have Read:

1. You by Caroline Kepnes. Being inside Joes head was truly a spooky experience.

2. The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. I don’t remember how scared I was while reading this book, but the end of it caused me so much emotional distress that I bawled my eyes out, never picked it or any of the rest of the books up again.

3. The Passage by Justin Cronin. While I don’t like zombies as genre, I did like this book and when I get over how angry the ending made me I do want to finish off the trilogy.





4. The Archived by Victoria Schwab. It took me a moment to get into it but I really enjoyed it. I didn’t realise it was considered a horror.

5. The Dogs by Allen Stratton. I think this is literally every single horror book I have ever read.

Top 5 Spooky Books I Want To Read:

1. The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes. Back in the day when I bought the book I read the first two pages and was instantly hooked but made myself put it down before I read anymore because at the time I didn’t have a moment to actually read it and I have never picked it back up. Hopefully sometime soon.

2. The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. I love the movies and really want to do the book. This is technically the second book but everyone knows what series I am talking about if I mention this one.

3. Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill. I know nothing but it has been on my shelf longer than I can remember.





4. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. This has only been on my shelves for a few years I think but I still don’t really know anything about it. The blurb on the back has been enough for it to remain on my shelves even after some culling.

5. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. An oldie but I hear its amazing.





Be sure to share your lists! I haven’t really read that many spooky books so I would love some recommendations for Halloween reads.

If you want any of the books listed please click on the thingyami below.



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Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Books and Movies


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created over at Broke and the Bookish where every Tuesday, Top Ten things of anything are listed. Todays Top Ten things are:

Top Ten Books & Movies to Read & Watch to get in the Halloween Spirit

Creating this list has seriously shown me how greatly under read/watched I am in wonderful Halloween/horror things. Horror movies used to be my favourite so I don’t understand why I cannot think of any! This must be fixed.


1. Since I literally watch this every Halloween the number one spot for me goes to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Check out its catchy Halloween song here.

2. The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. I think Anne Rice is pretty much a safe choice in general for Halloween/horror kind of books. This one though is filled with witchy goodness

3. The Silence of the Lambs. Now who doesn’t like this movie? Its suspenseful and has Jodie Foster. Not sure if I would call this a Halloween movie but its going on the list anyway.

4. Ever Near by Melissa MacVicar. For those who want a dose of ghostly reads.

the-nightmare-before-christmas witching-hour The_Silence_of_the_Lambs ever-near-author-copy





5. Sleepy Hollow (1999 Movie). You can tell that Tim Burton is going to pop up a bit can’t you? But who could leave this off a movie list?

6. The Passage by Justin Cronin. Zombie time!

7. House of 1000 Corpses. Anything Rob Zombie touches is horrifying and has an amazing soundtrack.

sleepyhollow The-Passage-2 house-of-1000-corpses





8. Zodiac. Scary cause it really happened.

9. Edward Scissor Hands. Here is Tim again! I really think he is one of my favourites.

10. The Strangers. When people mentally and physically torture you for no reason other than the fact you were home.

and 11. for good measure, Misery. Such a good movie.

zodiac edward-scissorhands-original thestrangers_ver4_xlg misery






And there is my list! More movie than book but what can you do. Not all of them are totally scary either but meh.

Be sure to share your lists this is an area I need to work on clearly.



Till Next Time….