Job, Blog, and Moving


Bah! I feel like I have been neglecting my poor blog lately. I have been missing my reading companions greatly. I know I promised that my posts would resume as normal after I returned from my holiday, and while I have been getting some posts up that mostly consist of TTT’s, that hasn’t really been the case. This last month and the next two to come have been and are going to be full on and crazy busy.

Work has been super stressful and taxing because they changed the menu from an eight item thing to fifteen, so it was all consuming and when I get home I am either a zombie or pass out. It then took a turn for the different though. On Monday I found out that my workplace’s last day of business would be the Wednesday and on Thursday would be completely packed up and gone. Boy was this a shock! While I was planning on quitting soon anyway, the suddenness of this took me by surprise because I wanted another month of work. So on the Tuesday and Wednesday everything in the store was half price and gosh was I running around like a headless chicken. In a fourish hour period we served the same amount of people that we would normally serve in a ten hour day. It was insane. Then yesterday was an angry day of packing and being pissed off with the owners one last time as they were not there to help pack and we had no idea what to do with anything.

Waking up this morning was kind of surreal, I don’t know what to do with myself now really. Getting another job is an option but it seems a bit pointless.

Its pointless because I am actually planning on moving across country over the month of December. I plan on going to Brisbane early December, buying a car, finding a house, and then coming back to Melbourne after Christmas and renting a moving truck and driving our stuff back to Brisbane. So I have been busy trying to pack and work out if hiring a removalist would be a better idea (I don’t know if we will be over or under the legal weight limit to drive it ourselves).

I suppose with the loss of job a month earlier than I planned, I am a bit broker now, but I have time to pack and try and read and work on my blog more. I am thinking about redesigning it a little and possibly changing the name to The Written Word as I am starting a booktube by the same name next year when I get settled, so keep your eyes out for that. I am not going to promise many reviews because I really should be focusing on other things. I apologise in advance for any blog silence.

If you have any comments on any new designs you see or thoughts of the name change, if its a good or bad idea or what not, be sure to let me know. I really appreciate your opinions <3


Till Next Time…