Mini Mondays – Passion, Fallen In Love, The Picture of Dorian Gray


Welcome to a new segment I am introducing to try and help keep me up to date with my reviews, even if I don’t have much to say about them. This segment is going to be called Mini Mondays. In these posts I will be reviewing about 3 books in a couple of paragraphs. Because of the size and nature of these reviews, they will generally only be 1-3 stars. I might as well get on with it now.

Tpassionitle: Passion [Fallen 3]

Author: Lauren Kate

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Romance

Length: 420

Rating: 2 Star

Series Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4



As some of you who have been following me for quite awhile, over two years ago I started reviewing the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I reviewed Fallen and Torment and then the reviews stopped. This was for only one reason that up until I decided I would allow myself to do these mini reviews, I could not get past. I hated this book, and when I reviewing these books they were re-reads. I could not bring myself to read it for the third time (I read it twice because I forgot how much I hated it between its release and Raptures). I found this book to be completely pointless, and brought nothing to the story. There are only certain sections of this book that you actually need to read to know what on earth is happening in the last book. The story drags and just repeats itself over and over again. Part of me wants to let this detail go because Luce and Daniel’s story is very repetitive, but that doesn’t mean we needed to be reading about them at all. We got the idea of it when it was explained to us in the first 2 books.

So I am going to do something a little sacrilegious in the book community and basically suggest that you just skim read this book and avoid most of it. If it were not for those few moments on goodness or needed information, I would say just skip it. The Daniel chapters in the first half you can avoid all together.


Fallen-In-Love-cover-fallen-by-lauren-kate-26640712-1668-2524Title: Fallen In Love [Fallen 3.5]

Author: Lauren Kate

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Romance

Length: 201

Rating: 2 Star

Series Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4



I feel a bit cheesy saying this but I will anyway, I did not fall in love with this book. We were given a number of stories to read about in the world of Fallen, which In theory could be really interesting. There are a wide variety of characters in this book and we do not know a lot of their backstories, which could be extensive when dealing with the lives of the angels on Earth. However, I found that I in general did not like the stories being told. The book in the Fallen series that I liked the least was the third book Passion, as you can see in my review above, and I found these stories were just more of the same rubbish we got in that book. The only story I liked in this book was the third story because we finally got Arianne backstory on how she got the scares that were such a big mystery in the main story but never got answered. I also found this one to be the best written. In the others I felt like the characters had lost their depth and were not acting like themselves, but with Arianne I didn’t have this issue.

If you liked the main series, and were driven crazy about what on earth happened to Arianne like I was, I would suggest picking up this book purely to read that story. I would even suggest skipping the other ones if they are not seeming too wonderful, since you will not be missing anything by not reading them.

picture of dorian grayTitle: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde

Genre: Classic, Gothic

Length: 214

Rating: 3 Star



Looking back on the comments I made about the book and the rating I gave it on goodreads, I am really surprised. In my head all I remember is totally hating this book and thinking it was one of the most boring books I have read with just horrible characters that just didn’t have any redeeming qualities.

When I actually stop to think about it though, I suppose it was not as bad as it came out to be in my mind. It did have series flaws that refrained me from putting it up anymore stars. In a style that I generally find in classics, certain parts of it just dragged on and on, and were painfully boring. Parts of the story held no purpose to the overall plot and were in there just as word filler. I remember hating Henry(?) and coming to hate Dorian, but I don’t think I had any issues with the rest of the characters.

I think if the book had of just focussed more on Dorian and his picture, and the fact he was struggling to stay beautiful on the inside while his picture made him beautiful on the outside. I would have loved more of a look at the fantasy element and the overall idea of what makes beauty and what we should seek in life. But those pointless and long bits just ruined the story for me.

Since my memory of the story was clouded by the bits I did not like, I cannot really say if anyone should read this book. I am most certainly not going to give it another try to find out.


Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – October 2015 (Hour 6)



Annoyed I didn’t read but I feel awake again. Go figure.

What I Read: The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann

Pages Read: 0

I took awhile doing the challenges for hour 5 and thought I might as well start hour 6 and not bother reading.

Power Of Love

For this challenge I ask you to describe how a book (or books) have made you fall in love with them – and don’t forget to include the name of the book, of course! To enter the giveaway click the blue button bellow and add the link to your post OR leave a comment.

For all the information required to join, or to find out what you could win check out the goodreads page.


There wasn’t even another option for me in terms of which book to write about.

I love each and everyone of the characters, even the ones I hate I love. The connection and love that develops between them all is just so beautiful and touching. I loved the plot structure because I had to work out in what order those past events happened and understand how it relates to what we are living through in the present. And the writing is beautifully woven, both subtle and bold knowing exactly what is needed at each point in the story.

For my full review of this book check out On The Jellicoe Road.

Top Ten List

It’s time to make your top 10 list of something that has to do with the read-a-thon.

Easy and simple right? Check out the host blog for more info.

The topic I have chosen is top ten things I enjoy about read-a-thons.

  1. Making a dent in my ever expanding TBR!
  2. Knowing that at the same time hundreds of other people feel the same way I do about reading and are joining in with me.
  3. They can come with mini challenges that just add to the fun!
  4. Networking. They are a great way to find new bloggers that I enjoy.
  5. They give me a ‘valid’ excuse to spend all my time reading when I should probably be doing other things.
  6. I get to find out about new amazing books to go out and add to my expanding TBR!
  7. They make me feel accomplished because of how much I read.
  8. I generally find them extremely relaxing (the 24 hour kind are less so because you have the weeks worth of stuff to do in a day haha)
  9. Its a great time to indulge in food of the comfort kind.
  10. I often get to books I wouldn’t normally pick up.


Till Next Time…


Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – October 2015 (Hour 5)



My sleepiness seems to be coming in waves over the hours. I am both now tired and hungry. I should probably try and find food and get a drink of water…

What I Read: The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann

Pages Read: 41

The Ugly Cover Pitch

Pick a book that you felt was a winner of a read but was sorely lacking in the cover art department and try to persuade me that it was the best book ever. What greatness will I discover if I can look past its eyesore of an exterior? Leave your pitch in a comment on this post, and be sure to include a link to a picture of the cover!

Be sure to check out the host blog for more info.

My cover:


For any of the Vampire Academy or Bloodlines books really. They all have the most ugly bloody covers that tell you nothing about what on earth is going on inside it. My pitch:

This book is more than meets the eye. Within its pages you are greeted an alternate reality where vampires hide among us and magic follows close by, but you also get so much more. You females who know how to look after themselves and kick butt. You get friendships that are unbreakable. A passionate romance that is forbidden. Action of every form and mysteries that will leave you devouring the pages looking for the answers. This book starts off with a bang and will leave you wanting more.

Goodreads Road Trip Challenge

Write a short postcard to a friend (or to another of the book’s characters who wasn’t invited on your cross country odyssey) telling them what’s up with you and your new fictional BFF.


Find the perfect road trip song for you and your traveling companion to rock out to as you burn through the miles, and tell us why it’s such a great fit for this character.

Be sure to check out more info on the goodreads page.

I spent ages finding a good song. Its hard to find a song that suits a book about animals… I chose this because they all decide to leave their home to find a new one when humans start taking over.


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Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – October 2015 (Hour 4)



I drank more energy drink and I appear to be doing alright now. I think I will need to have a sleep for a bit in a couple of hours though.

What I Read: The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann

Pages Read: 42

Readathon Kids Challenge

Sharing our love of books with the next generation is fun. During the readathon you might find yourself in the company of future readers. Perhaps you’re pregnant and in the habit of reading to your bump, or maybe you have a new baby, toddler, sibling, niece, nephew etc. Maybe you don’t have any kids around you today but you are enjoying some children’s classics. Take a picture of your toddler’s readathon stack, or of your baby looking through a book. Kids and books, let your creativity lead you. Use props, recreate a book cover… Whatever you do make sure to use the hashtag #readathonkids

Be sure to check out the host blog for information on prizes!

Since I have no children I am choosing to take a picture on what I would read to any potential children I may have. This list is for youngish children. I would have more books in an older child’s TBR.



Because its hard to see its: The Animals of Farthing Wood, The Hobbit, The Secret Garden, Robin Hood, Wind In The Willows, Black Beauty, Peter Pan, The Marvellous Land of Oz, The Story of the Treasure Seekers, A House Without Mirrors, and Pippi Longstockings.


Till Next Time…


Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon – Hour 6

I am back with a little update for you all and a little challenge for this hour. I have read about 130ish pages of my second book (I should really be sleeping right now, my brain is sleepy), but I will soldier on even if I do seem to be reading kind of slowly for myself. I will have this book done by the end of the 24 hours (hopefully)!

Now the challenge which is being held over at Lisa’s World of Books so go check out the challenge page if you want to see some other peoples answers, you may find some new books to read! Also check it out if you want the full list of questions, I didn’t answer all of them here because I couldn’t/didn’t want to. Here it is:

The challenge for the hour is to share some of your best from your reading year and why.  The idea is to pick at least 3 of the categories below and share your favorites and why

Best Book of Your Reading Year

Easy one for me. Everyone should read this book. On The Jellicoe Road hands down. The characters aree beautiful and the story is sad and even though you wouldnt want much part of their life, I for one wish I was there with them because I love them so.

Best Romance Book of Your Reading Year

This is fun because I just finished reading it! The Daughter of the Forest. It was written differently that most romance books I have read, and in the end it gave me everything I wanted when it looked like it was going to leave me wanting.

Best YA Book of Your Reading Year

I feel like I am going to be following along with other peoples answers here but it has to be Divergent. I loved the characters and I love a good dystopian.

Best New Adult Book of Your Reading Year

I think this is a new adult book so I will give it to Where You’ll Find Me. Despite one huge flaw, I thought the story was nice an realistic and left me feeling pretty good about picking it up.

Best Fantasy Book of Your Reading Year

Ooo a harder one.I shall give it to The Forgotten War. If you want a book that paints imagery, is epic in length, and has kick butt female characters its for you.

Best Children’s Book of Your Reading Year

A House Without Mirrors. Its rather creepy for children of this day and age with all their overly sweet rubbish, but I loved it!

Best Main Character of Your Reading Year

Im going to Ceriana from The Forgotten War because of the stuff that happens to her. Her story made want to paint for hours it had such awesome imagery! Or anyone from On The Jellicoe Road. Really you could just put that book in for most of my answers.

Best Author of Your Reading Year

Though I have only read one of his books and it wasn’t one of my 5 star rated books, I can totally see how all his books are going to at least be that awesome and bring me emotion of some sort, be it sadness or joy. John Green.

Best Supporting Character of Your Reading Year

Im going to be a bit odd and say Church the cat from City of Bones. I just love that bit of random that is this cat thrown into the story.

Best Cover of Your Reading Year

9780141333663Though it wasnt one of my favourite books, I still thought the cover was stunning I’m still angry they changed them to the ugly things they have now. Across the Universe.

Best Story Line of Your Reading Year

I will give this to The Returned because it was about people coming back from the dead, just as they were right before they died, but they were not zombies! God I hate zombies.

There you go. I hope you enjoyed my answers thought they are brief, and I hope you found some new books!

Till Next Time…