Book Review – Go The Fuck To Sleep


Title: Go The Fuck To Sleep

Author: Adam Mansbach

Genre: Childrens, Parental Humor

Length: 32

Rating: 5 Star


Go the Fuck to Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don’t always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland. Profane, affectionate, and radically honest, California Book Award-winning author Adam Mansbach’s verses perfectly capture the familiar — and unspoken — tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night. In the process, he opens up a conversation about parenting, granting us permission to admit our frustrations and laugh at their absurdities.

With illustrations by Ricardo Cortes, Go the Fuck to Sleep is beautiful, subversive and pants-wettingly funny, a book for parents new, old and expectant. You probably should not read it to your children.


My alternate title to this review is The Best $20 I Have Ever Spent!

Though I have yet to have children, I have baby sat and I remember what I was like as a child, and I think this book can relate to a lot of parents.

It really takes you on a journey from at first hopefulness, and then gradually frustration then into despair. This is really funny to me but I suppose that makes me a bit mean and crazy but I think its funny cause I find it true.

My favourite line hast to be:

“The flowers doze low in the meadows

And high on the mountains so steep.

My life is a failure, I’m a shitty-ass parent.

Stop fucking with me, please, and sleep.”

I love the combination of how children stories normally read with the simple but nice rhymes and with cute and pretty topics, combined with foul mouthed feelings of the parent as you go through the book is what makes the book.

The artwork is nice, but the people and the kids are a little scary looking.

Now if it didnt sound awesome so far why don’t you go listen to it being read by Samuel L. Jackson. He does a pretty damn good job I must say, and you get to look at what the book looks like.

Since I want to hold my children off from swearing as long as possible I probably wont be reading them this as a child, but if anyone has this kind of humour I seriously suggest buying it. When I’m not feeling so great it always makes me laugh. It is very recommended!