Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – April 2016 (Hour 22)



Im hoping to get this book finished too. Having three done will just be awesome. I better get a move on! Stay away sleepiness, I have reading to do.

What I Read: The Animals of Farthing Wood Colin Dann

Pages Read: 75

A Perfect Reading Day

I am easy to please when it comes to reading. My perfect day would be for it be lightly raining and cooling down a sunny day without it being too overcast. This would allow me to be in a comfy bed with lots of pillows and a lamp above me and to be able to lay under a blanket without over heating. I also desire sushi and lots of juice.

Reading Fuel Recipe Challenge

Now I am hopeless when it comes to cooking, about the only thing I don’t stuff up is pasta or rice so instead I am going to mention some of my favourite snacks relating to books. Now, when I select a snack I take into consideration a number of things such as if it for a read-a-thon with a short time limit such as this one, and what that food is going to do to my hands. I do not want any grease or other marks going onto my books! My go to snack for this read-a-thon because of how short it is and not want to pause to eat and wash my hands too much is sushi because that is easily done with chopsticks if I feel its going to damage my book, and because it doesn’t require a bowl it doesn’t hinder me reading while I eat. For longer read-a-thons I enjoy a number a baked goods, as well as things like mandarins because of the segments makes it east to snack while reading one handles. I just have to watch out for those juices!


Till Next Time….