Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon – October 2015 (Hour 22)



Well I am both hungry and tired again. Time to raid the fridge! But we are getting so close the end I really need to hurry up and just charge the reading.

What I Read: Nana Vol. 1-3 and Dragonfly In Amber

Pages Read: 411

Blackout Poetry

You will need some text on paper that you are comfortable using a marker on. It can be an old book, newspaper, magazine. Anything will work. Then you’re going to use a black marker (or another dark color if you don’t have black) to mark out most of the text, leaving a poem behind.

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You think I am going to mare a book? I think not. But I can paint a picture that looks like I drew on my pages!


Who Am I? Book Style!

Think about your one of favorite books.  Then give 3-5 clues about the book.  Others can then guess at the title/author.

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I am going to do two of these since I think they will be sort of easy to work out for those who follow my blog.

  • I am just a girl.
  • Others want me to fly but I have never had the desire.
  • My family is strange.


  • I was abandoned by my mother.
  • I am part of a war that not everyone knows is happening.
  • I know a boy who killed his father.
  • I dream about a boy in a tree.

This was good fun, if I had more time would think of more!


I have a fun mini-challenge, just take a picture aka Shelfie of your shelves, or you and your shelves, post it up somewhere and link it below. Easy peasy, right?

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WP_20151018_018 WP_20151018_019

Sorry for the quality of the second pic, its dark in my room and my light doesn’t really shine upon this shelf like the other.

#BookBeverage Photo Challenge

The only thing that goes with a book as well as a cuddly pet is a good beverage. Whether your bookish beverage of choice is tea or coffee, wine or water, share a picture of your current book and beverage on Instagram or elsewhere. Use the hashtag #BookBeverage if you’re sharing on a hashtag kind of site. Feel free to include any furry reading companions in your picture too. I’m sure we could all use a dose of cute to get us through the read-a-thon! Once you’ve shared your picture, stop back to enter the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner at the end of the read-a-thon.

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I wanted to include a photo of my fluffy love but she woke up an hour ago and is currently unable to sit still!



Till Next Time…


Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon – Hour 10


Time for another update and a little challenge thing.

I am 225 pages into my book. So tired. This read-a-thon started at 10pm on the 26th for me. I awoke at 10:30am on the 26th. Its now 7:30am on the 27th. Thats nearly 24 hours I have been awake because I had work before hand, and I am on hour 10 of reading. I think I will have to nap at some point, but then I run the risk of sleeping. As someone who has issues actually falling asleep unless it from sheer exhaustion because of many hours being awake (this kind of thing is not new to me, being alive at work can sometimes be a huge accomplishment), when sleep finally does take me its sometimes quite hard to shake it off. Better to have just stayed awake and moved and acted like a functioning zombie. This is hard to do when reading though, its one of the few things that help put me to sleep…

ANYWAY. Rant over. Now onto this hours little mini challenge! It is being held by The Book Monsters and is titled Shelfie. Its simple enough, take a picture of your bookshelf, with or without yourself in the picture. Since its 7:30am here, I am so not up for being the picture. So here is a picture of my bookcase which is hidden away in my bedroom where people cannot touch the books unless I let them:


Keep on reading fellow Dewey’s!

Till Next Time…