Spring Clean Unhaul

Today is supposed to be a Sunday Shopping post but I thought I would do something different. With more stuff always coming in, I have to make room for them by getting rid of things. So this week I have decided to do an unhaul instead. There were more books in this list but others have already gone through my unhaul pile and claimed things for themselves and I cannot remember them all. This list contains series where I have done the first book and don’t want to continue, books I have lost interest in ever readings, ones I am unsure of where they actually came from, ones i have doubles of, and ones I know I will never reread and don’t think I need anymore.






























Im curious how you guys unhaul your books. Do you tend to get rid of them one at a time or do you have moments where you just cull a bunch like I do? I want to try and start doing it one by one though as I read books and decide I don’t like them.


Till Next Time. . .