Book Review – The Truth of the Matter

Truth of the Matter

Title: The Truth of the Matter

Author: Andrew Klavan

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure

Length: 336

Rating: 3.5 Star (rounded down to 3)

Series Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4



“Never give in.”

Ever since he woke up in a terrorist torture chamber–with a year of his life erased from his mind–Charlie West has been on the run. He has one desperate hope of getting his life back: track down the mysterious agent named Waterman. But in fact, reaching Waterman–and recovering the secrets lost in his own memory–will only increase his danger. Because a team of ruthless killers is rapidly closing in on him, determined to stop him from finding the answers. And the truth of the matter is more incredible…and more deadly…than he could ever imagine.


Yaaayyyy!!!! In this book we finally really get some answers. At the beginning our boy gets shot with a drug that will restore his memory, but at a price. He will be in serious pain when he remembers stuff. I got more pleasure from these moments than I think is normal. Finally, something gets the better of our goodie goodie main character called Charlie West. You have magiced your way out of too many things, now something you can’t get passed has happened and I am happy. Though, he does seem to be able to control it to a certain extent and that made me annoyed.

In terms of plot we seem to do a little dance of gaining some ground then we loose some , gain some, loose some. Charlie finds Waterman, which I found confusing because he found him cause of picture but as far as I remember that picture didn’t reveal where he was, just who he was, and somehow we start the book with him knowing where he is… Oh the magic of Charlie. So he finds him and doesn’t trust him and gets shot with the drug for his memory, then Waterman dies and he is trying to escape from the terrorists again. And then the police. Which he does, cause he is Charlie.

But finally he comes across some people that aren’t trying to arrest him or kill him. Just a random mother and son that hide him from the police in their house while he gets over being sick (hahahaha suck it Charlie, about time the elements nearly kill you) despite knowing everything about him. I think this part was my favourite part of the book. Though I don’t like Charlie and he is awfully endowed with magical main character powers it was a nice break to have someone treat him like the child he pretty much is.

The book ends of a kind of cliff hanger so I will need to pick up the last book at some point to be satisfied. You can totally tell everything is going to be fine for Charlie though, so its not like I can’t see whats coming. Till next time…