Book Review – Beautiful Mess


Title: Beautiful Mess (Bailey’s Boys #1)

Author: Lucy V. Morgan

Genre: Romance

Length: 52

Rating: 4 Star


Warning: contains pet rats, hot YouTube celebrity roommates, and one spurned girlfriend about to get even…

Working in a wedding cake shop sucks when you’ve just been dumped.

Bailey Frost has a recipe for disaster: one cheating ex, one big glass of liquor, and three well-meaning male friends who think her lack of a sex life is funny. Before she knows it, she’s confessed that she’s never had an orgasm with a man.

Now Bailey has to navigate sappy couples at work, while her friends are hell-bent on helping her get revenge on evil Craig…by dressing up as werewolves, on YouTube.

And one of those friends– the tall, shy-but-gorgeous Linc–might just want to help Bailey with that other little problem…


This was a delightfully funny representation of semi fowl mouthed group of friends would handle ones break up.

Totally loved the group dynamic of it being three boys and one girl who they are, in their own very funny way, helping get over her break up. As someone who tends to like hanging out with boys more than girls it was a refreshing change from the very sappy representation that happens when the break up happens to a friend of a bunch of girls.

The story doesnt have much description on the surroundings or anything, not the past story or ideas for the future, it just mainly focuses on character development. Because it doesnt try to go into in in such detail and just gives you enough then moves on quickly it lets you feel as if you have gotten all you need. You are comfortable with the amount given and I for one didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

It also had some great writing moments. My favourite lines are:

1. ‘”We thought you’d been eaten by the gnomes of self pity.”

“There are gnomes of self pity?”

“Hmph.” He chomped pepperoni. “They ride on owls of despair.”‘

2. ‘Chan was Olly’s girlfriend. He called her his Hentai princess after some weirdo Japanese porn. Tentacles were involved. Never Google it.’

3.'”If he looks like a prick and quacks like a prick, its a prick.”‘

4. ‘This is awesome with a side of fuck-yeah fries.’

There was a line however that I felt went a bit too far, and after it, it took me awhile to get back into the swing of the book. the line was:

‘”For Valentine’s on Saturday, she’s going to let me pretend to rape her.”‘

That was a bit wrong for me.

Other than that I really liked it. It was free on amazon the other day so I suggest you go see if you can still grab it as cheap as cheap can be. I think it would be worth some money though :)

2 thoughts on “Book Review – Beautiful Mess

  1. Haha those friends sound like me and my friends. We made up random things all the time, which is why I still call things “awesomesauce on a stick”. I’ve picked it up on Amazon, and imma give it a read :3

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