Sunday Shopping – Happy Hello! Harry Potter


Soo many new segments guys! We all love book merch and while most of my money goes towards getting more books sometimes I spurge on things that have to do with them. Welcome to Sunday Shopping, where I will be talking about said little goodies. Going into my overall love for them, how they feel, size, how much they cost me, where I got them from, and anything else I feel like you need to know about. Lets move on!

Happy Hello!

My first seller I will be talking about, and I can already tell I will be talking about a lot more in future posts is Happy Hello! Co. They are a really cute little etsy store that mostly do super cute little magnetic bookmarks from books, tv and just random bits of goodness.

After much hard looking through the store, I decided to buy their Harry Potter bookmarks!

Now there was only one set when I did my first round of purchasing, but then when I was looking like a week later, these bad boys popped up, and I just had to get them as well.

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How did I find the store – Random etsy searching and from the youtuber Little Book Owl.

How much (AU) + Shipping – $8 per set + $6.40 shipping to aus. Etsy is super helpful and lets you change what currency and where it is being shipping to so make sure you check your info!

Size – About 5 cm, depending on which one you are looking at.

Feel – Really nice and silky smooth matt photo paper.

Quality – Lovely and sturdy, will not break without a bit of effort.

My thoughts – I am so so so happy. They are just so cute. I was going to say which one was my favourite out of them but its hard. I love the ones that have their little pets. And Dumbledore. Malfoy is my least favourite. I am super happy with the quality. They feel amazing, and when they are in the book they are not heavy enough to damage the pages and they don’t want to fall out. I put one in a book and gave it a really good shake and if they are towards the edge they can slip, so just stick them close to the spine :)

Will I be visiting this store again – Yes. So much yes. I am already planning my next 12 visits. I am going to have to control myself enough to visit other stores for this segment.



Till Next Time…


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