Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who Didn’t Click


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created over at Broke and the Bookish where every Tuesday, Top Ten things of anything are listed. Todays Top Ten things are:

Top Ten Characters Who You Just Didn’t Click With

There are many many characters I have not liked. But, I tend to try and wipe my mind of all of them so thinking of characters and listing them actually proved really hard.

1. Charlie West from The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan. MAIN CHARACTER BLOODY POWERS! Just because he knows karate does not mean he can survive loosing his memory, take on a corrupt government, and pretty much never have anything bad to happen to him. He should have died a thousand times over. He is the soul reason I will not finish the series even though I was only one book away.

2. Bill Compton from Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. I never saw the appeal, in the book or the series. He is the biggest bore that ever did live.

3. Jill Dragomir from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. She got better towards the end of the series but I never liked her or really cared what happened to her other than it would upset characters I liked.

4. Josephine Alibrandi from Looking For Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. This kills me that I hated her so much since I love Marchetta, but this was not a winner.

Last Thing I Remember bill Bloodlines-BIG1 Josephine Alibrandi





5. Thomas from The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Just so so boring.

6. Eva from Kissing In America by Margo Rabb. Just so stupid and complains way too much.

7. Colin Singleton from An Abundance of Katherines. I just don’t like characters that feel sorry for themselves. This book combined that and math for the entire thing. Did not like in general (review coming).

thomas kissing in america an abundance of katherines





8. Nathan from Half Bad by Sally Green. I didn’t not like hi, really. I just straight up didin’t care.

9. Jo March from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I see her on a lot of strong female characters lists and things like that but her and I just never clicked.

10. Amy and Elder from Across the Universe by Beth Revis. I am putting these two together because I don’t like each of their characters more when they are together.

half bad jo march 9780141333663





Be sure to share your lists!

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who Didn’t Click

  1. I totally forgot about Bill Compton! I agree he was sooo boring! I was so happy when he and Sookie fell out. I found him more tolerable in the tv series though. I almost included Nathan from Half Bad but I found him more interesting in book 2 so left him out this week. I do like Jo March though, but I can see why some people wouldn’t, her confidence sometimes came across as arrogance.

    Great list Jazmin
    Happy Reading
    Rachel @

  2. I definitely agree with Bill Compton! I was very much a Sookie/Eric shipper, because at least he had something going for him.

  3. Interesting selections. Oddly I realized after looking at your list that I must judge good and meh books on this factor…do I even remember the names of the main characters. If the answer is “no” then the book is meh at best. I read KISSING IN AMERICA this summer and I can’t remember who Eva is, I read HALF BAD last year and don’t recall Nathan. Hmm.

  4. Mazerunner is the next book I plan on reading, but I’ve seen a lot of people not like Thomas! Guess I’ll be forming my own opinion soon. And I’ve never read Dead Until Dark, but I have issues with a lot of characters in the show.

  5. I understand why you have Jill on your list. I liked her but I didn’t love her character so I couldn’t say I didn’t click with her. It makes me really sad that Jo March is on your list. She was my hero growing up. I didn’t think of Colin but that’s a good one to have.

  6. Hi. I never saw the appeal of the Sookie Stackhouse series as well. I regret reading the first book because I wasn’t fond of the writing. I could have used the time to read something better.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy readings! ;)

  7. Haha, this is the second list I’ve seen Thomas on! From what I’ve heard it sounds like he’s basically a cookie-cutter character without anything particularly distinguishing about him.

  8. You know, this is the 5th time I’ve seen Thomas on a list! Maybe I need to reread the book more closely, it’s been awhile. And yes, I can see why you didn’t like Jill, she kind of didn’t do anything but wimp around for the first books. But because of how much I loved the series I overlooked that part :) Great list!

  9. I was looking towards to Kissing in America. I’ll still check it out but thanks for the warning! I don’t know about you but The Maze Runner was super slow for me and I DNF’d it. I have An Abundance of Katherine’s but I haven’t read it yet because I didn’t enjoy Paper Towns so I’m just pushing it down on the TBR list.

    • I finished all of the maze runner books on an audio book but if I was actually reading I would never have taken the time. I am still going to pick up paper towns because I have heard that many people don’t like AoK out of all John Greens books.

  10. YESSSSS to Bill Compton. SO much yes. I considered him for my list, but had to draw the line somewhere ;) The picture you chose made me laugh SO hard though! It’s perfect! And Thomas is so boring. Sometimes I forget I read that stupid series ;) Fabulous list!

  11. I know what you mean about Jill, I cared for her just because I cared for Adrian and Sydney and they would’ve been upset if something happened to her. But in the end she wasn’t that bad. I’m sorry you didn’t like An Abundance of Katherines because I really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Kar @ Pause Time

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